Imagine closing your eyes for just a moment and as you take your first bite of the food on your plate you are transported thousands of kilometres away to Greece, or Italy, or Spain…..

Today was such a day. We live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and we headed off this morning to Brisbane to deliver a training session for my Certificate 4 in Fitness. It was a great morning, although by the time we had finished training and chatting the day away it was well after 1pm and the natives were getting restless. It would have been easy to pick up something less than ideal at a take away store or service station but we all knew we would hate the dismal choice of vegetarian food and regret how it made us feel afterwards.

Instead we headed for Mt Gravatt Westfield Shopping Centre and headed to the food court outside. There were choices beyond belief – Italian, thai, burgers, mexican, the list goes on, but if we were paying for lunch out we wanted something fresh and delicious to make it worthwhile. Miss 16 went looking at menus whilst we did the same and she came scurrying back to tell us about a funky looking mediterranean restaurant serving some pretty delightful morsels.

We were greeted with impeccable service immediately and shown to a great table that backed on to the new fountain area in the outdoor food court area. The décor made us feel like we were far from suburbia and the energy was classy and relaxed (despite us being donned in workout gear), and no one could feel out of place. Our drink orders were taken and filled promptly, but we didn’t feel pressured to order quickly and make rash decisions.

The menu was spectacular and well-priced, with plenty of choices for all dietary requirements. The tapas menu was extensive and quite well thought out we felt. Our mouths were watering before the food was even chosen and served. We ordered 6 tapas items which for $45 we found well priced, and the serves were quite reasonable in size. We ordered Arancini Balls, Haloumi, and Breads with Dips and each were made with unique flavours leaving us wanting to just have more of the same. For mains Kevin and I shared a delicious salad with buffalo mozzarella, a chicken and salad (yes rare for us as we have been vegetarian for 3 years now, but decided to have this today – lovely meal but meat won’t become a staple in our house for the foreseeable future…content for another blogpost). Mackenzie had a pasta dish that left her very quiet and very content, and after a taste I understand why – it resembled much of the delicious pasta we had in Italy. Lauren had a pasta and scallop risotto that had a similar effect on her, she is quite the seafood lover and although I would love to try it, I am horribly allergic. The wine I had was a delicious Rose from France and worth every cent! So delicious was everything I recommend the food without hesitation!

The owners both work front of house and we found out that the chef is well trained in his art, and that this is definitely not his first rodeo – definitely evident in the food. The owner even took the time to sit by us and get to know us, telling us about the restaurants origins and the vision they had for it. I like when you get to know who you are supporting and it’s even better when they take the time to get to know their customers, something I feel is missing in so many venues now and definitely play a role in where we choose to spend our money.

Not once did we ever feel rushed the whole time we were there, which is a particularly European and Mediterranean way of eating and serving others. If you ask me these beautiful people have all aspects very very right and we will definitely go back again not just for the service and food, but for the sensational and artistic desserts we didn’t have room for (and for the really interesting dessert cocktails more appropriate when we don’t have kids with us). If you are ever down that way, definitely pop in and see them, or make a special trip – you won’t be disappointed.

Do you have a favourite place to eat that is just like you are overseas? Please tell me about it, I would love to hear.



What happened to my ten days off?!?!?

Am I the only one who experiences the phenomena of stolen/missing holidays?

Days off woo hoo. So exhausted sleep ensues. Feel compelled to do something extraordinary.  Feel tired because you did “stuff”. Feel guilty for not doing more. Get to your last day and realise there is sooo much left to do.  Feel the need to apply for more holidays.  Sigh at the unfairness of it all.

Hmmmm…ok this post is gonna need to be a bit more specific so stay tuned!

Well…after going from being tired, unwell, sick, overweight blah blah blah – to energetic, work work work, train train train, life in motion kind of lifestyle with no real holidays for 9 months…I FINALLY took 10 days off.

I counted down the days till I could sit back and kick back…I imagined days by the beach (since that is where we live), cold bevvy, kids building sandcastles, first cooling splashes in the salt water…maybe some training every day to put a boot into my regime leading up to this tri…maybe some leisurely catch up with friends, a mountain or two…HOLD UP SWEETHEART – WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE GETTING A MONTH??? WHATEVS (lol)

Nope, no way, nada, no go…bwahahaha….no way was that even gonna happen despite me wanting it so bad and planning for the same. Quite the opposite actually happened.  Firstly Miss 12 arrived back from camp with feet covered in blisters/friction burns that could curl your toes…which put a stop to all beach and sand activity because they were so severe. Secondly, who knew my body had a mind of its own? Yep…in fact my body and mind decided that because I had neglected to listen to it for so long it was going to take over and pin me to the floor – yep thats another two days gone. Thirdly, I was so exhausted I could barely muster a walk let alone a run, a mountain or some hard core training!!! Pffffttt!!! Fourthly a leisurely catch up with friends would have happened but I had so many to see I barely had an hour with each of them in the two days I was in Brisbane.

Just when I thought I was going to have a restful last few days I realised that there was a LIST that didnt get a look in or even a fond mention hahaha. See Miss 12 also lost money and MY CARD! on her last few hours of camp so we had to hurrily transfer all our funds into another account to avoid anything happening to it. And since it is my account I really have to find some time around my work hours to get a new one sorted…took me longer than it should have grrrr. And I have just remembered that I have 5 study modules to complete and send off in the next 8 weeks…..


But isnt it the way though that no matter how we do and do not schedule our holiday time, we always seem to have not rested enough or not done enough – either way we dont win and really….why do we put so much pressure to acheive during our time of supposed rest? Guess it is how we are conditioned – and maybe that is no longer a good enough excuse….

…now to plan my next holiday???

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



Being on the southside for two days has highlighted a few points of u-inspiration in regards to fitness…we always talk about what inspires us to get fit, exercise, be healthy and active and mine are more so evident now.
..but what is un-inspiring and how do we tackle or overcome these elements?

When I get back to a real computer rather than my still-cracked smartphone, I will complete this blog…in the meantime…share your inspirations or u-inspirations…

Righto – now that I am back I can attend to the issue of un-inspirations.


So when on the southside I decided I would make the most of being back in the area of our old home and go for a run with Mr O-A to the shops for some milk and eggs etc before brekky.  Perfect opportunity really since we stayed at my folks house and the kids were still in bed or snuggled on the couch with nanny and granddad…after all its not often we have someone to watch the kids to get some “us” time together since we live a further distance than before to most of our “babysitters/childspoilers” (yes nanny/granddad/auntb&uncC I am talking about you!!! LOL).

Awake. Running gear on. Shoes on. Water bottle. Walk out to main road. Start to warm up in a walk. Start to…..walk.  Tried a little running. Stopped running and walked. Coughed and spluttered a little. Breathed in the car fumes. Wow….so thats what its like to suck gas?!?. Listened to the soothing distracting noise of traffic zooming past. Admired the dry piled up cut grass in the field. Hmmmm…noticing that I may be a tad out of place being the only one (apart from hubz) out run/walking. Gazing at the crystal clear water brown mucky river water. Ok…UNINSPIRED.

I kind of get now why I found it sooooo difficult to muster up the enthusiasm when I lived there…I know I am sounding a little lot spoiled right now but seriously – it is SOOOO much easier for me (girl who was almost born at the beach but was torn away to the suburbs) to exercise and be active in an environment that inspires me.  Im sure that the beach isnt for everyone, and that some people actually feel at home amongst the suburbs…but certainly that is not me! Maybe I will do some more suburb runs however, just to get a little more self-discipline in training in less than ideal conditions or environments.

Back home I made up for my UN-INSPIRING run by having a light run around the base of Mt Tibrogargan (ok I did go part the way up the summit path but just to tucker out my dad who is always up for a challenge – but who was the one who called the uphill climb off only 1/5 the way up lol) which was a leisurely 3kms through dappled sunlight, surrounded by ferns and old trees. It gave me a good workout however and got me back to my “peak a week” groove. And tomorrow I will probably go get some beach action just because I can and just because Miss 5 wants to build sandcastles – so who wouldnt be INSPIRED by that?

A photo of Mount Tibrogargan, taken from a mov...

So share with me please

  • what inspires you?
  • what un-inspires you?
  • how do you overcome un-inspiration?

I would love to hear your experiences – whether it be running or walking…

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



As I boarded the train at Landsborough little did I know the fun that could be had flying solo on a train trip to Brisvegas…and thank goodness…because its an hour and a half trip on a train which does not appeal to this little fish!

Anyway as I sat listening to “DJ got us falling in love” I was imagining my fellow passengers heads bopping to the music before breaking out in some last minute flash mob style glee performance…yes you can imagine how hard it is to stop myself from roflmao hysterically at this point Hahaha!

Polski: Salsa flash mob w Złotych Tarasach, 29...

Flash Mob Style Glee Performance maybe? (Photo credit: Wikipedia


So here I am on my way into Brisvegas for two days training for work and pondering how my family free time 😦 was going to go. Overnight bag packed I know where I am going but not where I am staying as I am awaiting the go ahead on funding for a hotel…alternate plan is to stay with friends on the Southside…bugger hope I got the dates right? I have been mistaken before???

Now I havent spent much time in Brissy since moving to the Sunshine Coast – smog vs sea  breezes??? No competition really for me but I guess the city does hold some appeal with those who think sand in every crevase of your house would warrant moving lol…ye land lovers…arrrr!

Well what can I say? My current home – albeit recent of less than two years – is amidst canals, crystal beaches, warm sand, rolling hills and mountains, forests, etc. It really is a lifestyle all about doing what you love and immersing yourself into all that nature has to offer. And the health and fitness industry is HUGE! on the coast. Rain hail or shine you will see people walking, running, SUP’ing, surfing, boxing, etc any time of the day…not hard really when you look at the view!

Sunshine Coast Sunrise

Sunshine Coast Sunrise (Photo credit: Jiaren Lau)

Sunshine Coast, Queensland - Kondalilla falls

Sunshine Coast, Queensland – Kondalilla falls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)












So how does the Big Brissy Smoke compare these days? Guess you will have to stay tuned…because I am still on this FLIPPIN train imagining dancing suits lol…

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!