Much to my delight (and surprise) I have been nominated by Lisa @ Deep & Wonderful Thoughts Blog for the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD! Since I have only been blogging for a very short time this is a very great honour.


To Lisa from I say a great big thank you for nominating me…your words “keeps it real” resonates with me and I will continue to aim for authentic posts that do just that! Lisa’s blog is very insightful and worth following for great reads and great content – an absolute joy to read and many words that will resonate truth with so many people!


  • I am a 30-something woman who is passionate about living a passionate life
  • I have overcome cervical cancer, severe obesity (although still continuing on this journey), depression/anxiety, cigarette addiction, and continue to overcome limitations (challenges as I like to think of them) each day living with heart and lung issues.
  • I work in the health industry but have recently realised I am far from happy about its direction and more than passionate about changing it for the better in whichever capacity it requires.
  • I luuurve comedy…nothing like a bit of Carl Barron, Dogeball or Night at the Roxbury to bring laughter into our house.
  • I have lost well over 30kgs and gone from being a puffed out couch potato – to someone who actually enjoys running and has now completed a 5km, 10km…and in training for my first triathlon, half marathon and full marathon within the next 12 months.
  • I live near the beach…the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful place in the world…along side my Omni-Awesome hubby and two girls.
  • I endeavour to see all heartbreak, pain, hurts and trials as a way to grow into the Mrs Awesomeness I know I am becoming….after all….life is a lesson and you cannot fully appreciate the beauty of a rainbow unless you have first walked through a storm!


1. This mummy-blogger is funny…REALLY funny…and tells it like it is without throwing anyone under the bus!

2. This blogger is excellent…although new at blogging this person has managed to tap into some amazing insights throughout the course of study.

3. Very new blogger…not many posts…but funny lighthearted intro, cant wait for more – check it out!!!

4. Awesome blogger…great outlook on life and an inspiration.

5. Great blog to read and I admire how honest and real her posts are.

6.  Great blog with a fantastic mix of topics…worth a checkout and a follow.

7. http:// Coral is a fantastic blogger, again an insightful yet lighthearted look at lifes challenges.

8.  I love running (despite my moaning and groaning lol)…hence why this awesome blog gets an award! – and she GETS it…only someone who runs truly understands.

9. This blog is a good one because its a regular updated blog that is funny, inspirational and truthful!

10.  I really like this blog because…well – “ifyounevertri – you’ll never finish” nuff said I think!

Ok so I know I was meant to do 15 but time just doesnt permit it at this stage…I will add to this list over time though so eventually it will reach the bar! Check out these awesome bloggers…it certainly is worth signing up to follow bloggers!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




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