Hello Awesome World!!!

Let me introduce myself…my name is Tam and I am a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, friend and nurse.  I love life, the beach and anything sparkly, but most of all I adore the special people in my life – my two beautiful daughters Loz and Macca, and my wonderful husband Kev 🙂

I have toyed with the idea of creating my own blog for quite a while now and actually doing it has been a great adventure.  I want this blog to be an account of my endeavour to create an intentional and amazing life with just a little bit of normal from time to time

I will share with you my backstory, my current life, and my future goals, and hope that it either resonates with you, gives you inspiration or just a few giggles. Welcome and may your days also be filled with sparkle!


18 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Good for you tammy, I have been following your story on facebook. It gives me hope that if you can take a huge step forward and follow your dreams, then there is no reason why I can’t also do the same. Thanks, Dawn x

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  3. Hi Tam, Just stopped by to thank you for choosing to follow Wine and Cheese (Doodles). Good luck with the new blog. Everyone needs awesomeness in their lives. And a few sequins never hurt either. Hope to see you around WCD!

    • Hi Susan! Thanks for coming by. Love connecting with my readers, total bonus when it’s a fellow nurse. I don’t think you ever really ‘retire’ from being a nurse – we tend to think like one no matter what the setting…you will know exactly what I mean I’m sure lol. I’ve just had a quick squiz at your blog too and I’m looking forward to reading it a bit more 🙂

      • I just changed my theme on my blog to get something softer on the eyes…found out last night (after all of the work required) that it has no dates on the posts. That really sucks. Still, i hope that you find something that you can enjoy 🙂 True, once a nurse, always a nurse. It becomes something you are, not simply something you do.

  4. How do I begin to – Thank You – for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing?!? I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.

  5. Hi Tam, Thanks for following my blog! Just had a quick look at yours before bedtime and it looks great! Am looking forward to having a good read when I have more time. Best wishes! 🙂

    • Thanks Jane. I am really looking forward to delving into yours too. With two weeks off work for me to gather my wellbeing (for want of a better term), I decided to check out other writers on the Sunshine Coast – there are certainly a few of us! I absolutely love the name of your blog 🙂

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