WELCOME TO 2020 – Part 2


Well hello there!!!


Hasn’t that been a rapid start to 2020, almost like the last 2 months have up and vanished into thin air! Since I have just recapped in the previous post “on with the show”…

I should let you in on a little secret, although all of those close in my life know this fact already this and I’m sure occasionally roll their eyes in despair when I make reference in everyday life. My family however are converted and join in now even without my help. The secret is that Miranda Hart is one of my favourite comedians, particularly her show Miranda.  I have long been wanting to do a list of goals for the year after listening to Gretchin Rubins Happier Podcast (she does this every year), and I wanted to choose a word to focus on, which is something I have done for quite some time now. Recently the last few years have proved to be very challenging and I have been distracted by life, not writing as much as I would like. Hopefully this will be the new beginning of a beautiful year of writing and sharing. So this years word for the year is…


By “refine” I mean to improve my life by removing the impurities so to speak, to make it better that what it was. By this I intend to clarify my life by removing that which isn’t important to me and my family life – from my online interactions and viewing habits, to relationships, to thought patterns, to my physical environment. I’m not sure how on board my family are with this but they are mostly of similar mindset surrounding these concepts.

20 Goals for 2020

  1.  See Miranda Hart live. Okay so I didn’t actually make this as one of my goals for this year originally, only because I did not actually think it was possible being that her show was finished. What I didn’t know was that 2019 was the 10 year anniversary of the show airing for the first time and Miranda had a sneaky plan up her sleeve to do a 10 year anniversary show live at the Palladium in London. I saw the call for people to ballot for the tickets with only two tickets available per person, and it was only a draw – you weren’t guaranteed. All three of us adults put in the ballot and Kevin won two of the tickets – we didn’t know right away because it went to his junk mail folder – but I managed to get the evening off work and Lauren and I went. It was the most magical night of my life to be honest. We both cried and I will never forget it – we got to see the entire Miranda cast, McFly, Ronan Keating, Heather Small, the and the cast performances by a major choir and Mamma Mia. If you can, definitely go watch the show online – I am not sure where you can see it outside of the UK but I am sure you can find it in google. Side note: this actually happened in 2019 but I am sure it still counts).
  2. As a family we want to develop clear family traditions that will carry on throughout the generations that come after my husband and I. A significant area of importance in this is surrounding food and cooking and its history in our families. My mum has always been and still is an incredible cook so I want to teach my children how to make the best roast potatoes and jam drops just as my mum made them when I was a child. My husbands mother was an incredible cook also, and I want my girls to learn how to make her chocolate self saucing pudding – although I don’t actually have the recipe, I will have to do some digging. Lastly, my husbands brother Andrew was a chef before he passed away and we have some of his recipes that we want to learn this year.
  3. Independently I would like to increase my reading, something I used to love growing up and in my 20’s, it is something that has fallen by the wayside most recently amongst the busyness of everyday life. I truly believe in reading being the best way to change both your vocabulary and your thinking, but it also broadens your perspective. My goal this year is to read one new book a month, and on my list so far is: The art of doing nothing, Miranda Hart – Is it just me?, Brene Browns Rising strong, The Alchemist, and Feel the fear and do it anyway. What are your favourite reads?
  4. I really want to purge my data online – its abysmal  but my current unread emails stands at 3, 384, not something I am proud of but something I intend to resolve. This purging will require me to unsubscribe, unfollow, delete, and even block some of the sources of data that are infringing on the life I want to lead. This will have to of course encompass texts, email and social media together. Question – does anyone actually still find benefit in linkedin? Its these type of platforms I am considering deleting all together to be honest. The idea behind the need to purge my data is to “REFINE whats going in, so you can DEFINE whats coming out”. 
  5. I am making a commitment to dating my husband again, unfortunately for many this becomes less of a priority when you are living your day to day particularly when you are a shift working family – your “dates” are reduced to hellos in the hallway and it certainly doesn’t make for a connected relationship in the long term. This has always been important to us because with one child already almost out the door by the end of this year when she moves back to Australia, we have only a short number of years left with children at home. So many couples forget to focus on their spouse and marriage that when they are empty-nesters – they have nothing to talk about. We began this last week by going to see the movie Emma (also starring Miranda Hart – as delightful as a sweet muffin).
  6. We are going to join an orienteering club as a family when the weather is warmer (Okay I have decided this but not sure if my husband and children are aware – Kevin if you’re reading this thinking what the hey? I honestly was going to tell you, but hey – we get to show off our keen navigational skills, see the countryside, and meet new people!)
  7. Its time to get real with my you tube account and begin making my own videos. This is something I had intended to do when we first arrived but despite how confident I seem, it scares the jeebs out of me and I am truly not sure where to start. The videos will be mostly travel related – any hints on where to begin?
  8. I have an idea to explore all the services that the NHS has to offer the community by trying out some of them – there is a big focus on healthy lifestyles so I was thinking of doing the couch to 5k which is available as a podcast. Its good to get to know your employer and doing this will both help me but also help me understand what is on offer for my patients – I will not however be lining up for a colonoscopy – I am not that committed.
  9. This year I want to have a more positive impact on the environment, so when the warmer weather kicks in we plan on taking a bag to pick up rubbish on our walks – every little bit helps. It has shocked me just how much litter is on the roadsides and bushes here in England – quite sad really because it is such a beautiful country. Along side this we are trying to buy veges from the farmer with no packaging, waste less food by planning our meals, eat more vege meals, and use our beeswax wraps and reusable water bottles everywhere we go.
  10. Set aside individual time with each of my children, because I really want to nurture the relationship I have with each of them – they are only at home for such a short time and already with them getting older the relationship dynamics are changing rapidly. Investing in this now will bring a greater connection when they leave home and build their own lives. If you have any ideas on creative ways to do this I am all ears.


Okay so the list is long so I will leave it here and finish the last 10 in the next post. Feel free to share your goals for your year in the comments blow or over at the facebook pages Tailored Living Project or Intrepid Nurse.

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