DISCLAIMER: If you are easily offended by cuss words then you should probably turn around now.

USELESS INFORMATION: I wrote this a few weeks ago when I was super pissed off but decided that editing it just takes away from the authenticity (aka realness) that I wanted to be in my blog.

Let’s get real here, I have body fat and I’m well aware of it. What I am also aware of is the endless comments and discussions about fat and health like they can never be together in the one sentence. Why does being thin necessarily mean you are healthy then? I get up and eat a healthy breakfast of egg and greens, fruit and salad for lunch, and wholesome veges for dinner, I have the occasional treat, I move my body and have a pretty balanced life with love, experiences, and great relationships…but I still have fat and I’m frowned upon.


Then the next person sits eating crap food after crap food because their metabolism makes it possible to hide the shit they put into their mouths on a daily basis, and because you can go and exercise that shit off right? Wrong. You can’t out exercise harmful toxins in the shit you’re eating. So whilst you look thin because of calories in vs calories out, you’re sitting there sporting a hidden cesspool of toxic waste inside each and every cell in your body.

The laughable thing is though that none of this matters. None of this is worth the fucking drama and hate that comes from these debates filled with venom and judgement. It screams of dissention and fear and an I’m right your mentally insane kind of attitude.

To be honest, I don’t give a flying fuck about what you eat and how many calories you can burn off in an exercise session. You see your way of doing things is not the only way, sure it might work for you but that shits actually your business to file the fuck out of. In the same sense, my way is also not the only way and wont work for everyone, and that’s my business.

This was an eye opener

I long for a day when every human can appreciate the skin they are in, so that my children and grandchildren can make choices in life based on what feels right for them instead of what makes them feel less shameful, more loveable, and more accepted by the screwed up society they live in.


This is the exact reason I want to do healthcare differently to everyone else. There are lots of different ways to get shit done. And the health training I plan on doing in my business will focus on them and what they enjoy, things that they like, timing that works for them, methods that are outside the box. I also plan on doing body-shaming differently…by not allowing it in the first place.