THE BOOK LADY – Lets not go there

I am in love with the written word, in fact I have been for as long as I or my mother can remember. Both my parents were creative however their talent lay in drawing and sketching. I began school later in the year (not really sure why but beginning school was less regulated back then in our tiny little home town), and in a few short days I had caught up with a couple of months of school work. I remember as a kid that I was either writing something creative, or reading – so enthralled in what I was experiencing in these books that my poor mother would be screaming right beside me to get my attention to have me look up completely oblivious and say “oh hi mum”. In grade six I was also chosen to attend a writers camp at Tallebudgerra Camp School, it was a dream…an entire week of writing workshops and authors like Gary Crew!


To be totally honest not much has changed in these areas, despite being distracted with being a mum and nurse, my passion for the written word is still so strong but I needed a little reminder of it to draw me back in. I started this blog a few years ago to meet the need I had to both write, and to share my story with whoever would listen (or read so to speak). This past week I have written more than I have in months which feels like bliss for me. In this time of rest and recovery I am having from the incredible exhaustion I was feeling, I have learnt how cathartic it can be to take back some time for be to simply be still with my thoughts. I spent a period of time the other day lane, quiet, and undistracted, to find my most clarified ideas come to the forefront of my mind. Within a small space of time I had developed and documented 5 children’s books about the health journey, and came up with the title of the nursing book I am writing. I do however think my minimalistic approach to my books need some tweaking.


I really love hard copy books. There I said it! I’m not sorry for neglecting to join the kobo and ebook craze, I’ve tried from right here on my iPad but the most I can manage is emails and blogs. There is just something magic about holding a real book in your hands with the promise of feeling, experiencing or learning held tightly within the pages. There is a scent in books that evoke an emotional response that only avid book lovers relate to. It’s this love that has seen me hold onto far too many books. I confronted this fact whilst reading ‘Everything That Remains’.

“Didn’t you used to have a ton of books too?”
“Yes. A hoard of books. Like two thousand. Maybe more.”

I could see that over time my books had been getting their groove on and had been reproducing like bunny rabbits at spring time. I had fast forward thoughts of me becoming ‘the book lady’ as opposed to ‘the cat lady’, and really I don’t need all the books I have currently. Some are doubles, some are good but not life changing, and some well I just don’t know. So I’m getting ruthless. I’m committing to keeping only those books that put value into my life on a reasonably regular basis, and unless the book is super important I’m going to begin making regular use of the public libraries.



5 thoughts on “THE BOOK LADY – Lets not go there

  1. You’ve described my own experiences and love of books and writing here. Books and writing were not only pleasurable and an obsession for me, but they were a wonderful escape from a childhood which was at times frightening and chaotic due to violence. Books were my best friends, my sanctuary, my door to another world. In many ways they rescued me. I’ve wanted to write children’s books for a long time and your blog post has encouraged me. Thank you! I also still prefer paper books to electronic versions. Great post! I am looking forward to the next one. šŸ™‚

    • Your welcome. I’m really loving getting my teeth into writing again. I remember as a kid wanting to be a journalist or an author. I’m heading over to check out some of your words now. Can’t wait to see your first book…maybe we will end up having a sunny coast kids book launch!

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