THE BLUR – Finding yourself. Again.

I think we all at one time in our lives, sometimes more than one, go through the process of trying to ‘find ourselves’. Heck there are even so many movies dedicated to the topic they should have their own genre! Who can forget such titles as ‘How Stella Fot Her Groove Back’ and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, not to mention the upcoming movie ‘Finding Dory’. I’m currently in this process. Again.

I began a few weeks of emergency holiday leave on Thursday after reaching a point in my life where I felt used, abused, and and unimportant. In my professional life as a nurse I give 110 percent to what I do and after a while you begin to notice that you are being stretched to a point that leaves you unable to inject your known level of passion into your role. Sure you can do the tasks, but since when is it fulfilling to just exsist doing the actions with less of the soul. So after a very emotional and hard working few weeks I was spent, it was some time coming with no repose, and I have taken these few weeks for my own personal wellbeing. My daily job now is to find myself, and to take back my passion for nursing…I want to lead a life of passion and purpose – I think deep down we all do.


I want to highlight at this point tht over the next few weeks I will refer to a quote from the book ‘Everything That Remains’ by The Minimalists. Firstly, it’s a great book that is helping me to sort through the real and perceived clutter in my life, but secondly – well just because its my blog and I can.

‘…attempting to find something meaningful in the blur’

‘The Blur’. A very apt description of us trying to find meaning or find ourselves for that matter, amongst the blur of our cluttered and busy lifestyles. A blur. Like what you see out the window of a fast moving train as you whoosh though what you can only imagine is breathtaking scenery, only you are unable to really fully focus on any one point through the blur. It’s also not unlike seeing endless things in your periphery as a blur, but as in life you are so focused on the end game and miss the entire journey along the way.

The take away however is that meaning can be found in everything, you might just want to slow down long enough for the blur to regain focus and clarity.



One thought on “THE BLUR – Finding yourself. Again.

  1. Ah, yes, I know that “blur”! I reached a point some months ago where I knew I had to make some big changes after a prolonged period of stress. My blog was something I decided to do to help clear my focus and move out of the blur. Scheduling regular hikes is helping enormously as well. I find that time slows down out there in the bush and my senses heighten. The blur disappears while I am walking.

    Nursing is such a demanding job, both physically and emotionally. I have friends and family who are nurses and they are very overworked in recent years. What upsets them the most is feeling undervalued and not being able to give the personal care to patients that they feel is necessary due to time constraints and too many demands placed on them. What a valuable profession nursing is and I certainly appreciate the effort and sacrifice that is made by them. Your need for a break is very understandable. Best wishes and a hug. Jane

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