Once upon a very specific time there lived a very together girl who lived in a well organised castle in an orderly kingdom. Life was filled with blissful harmony for the simple reason that schedules were well constructed and everything and everyone had a place and a purpose. Every aspect of life in this kingdom was dependable, in a predictable way and the girl felt this was very very good.


As with so many other fairy tales this perfect harmony was not to last for then we would not have what some call a storyline. The girl knew this and continued trying to maintain this sense of order and control until that day when the unthinkable happened. Da-da-daaaaaaa!!! CHAOS!!!!


CHAOS!!! Yes. This little girl grew up, became the Queen of her castle, and had children….need we say anymore? Well yes, maybe we should see how this very together girl who lived in a well organised castle in an orderly kingdom turned into the frazzle-haired nervous wreck of a mother of two young cyclonic daughters, who is has forgotten what scheduling looks like never mind the disordered, disorganised, disastrous kingdom she calls home.

From the outside her household looks like it is run like a well oiled machine but on the inside it feels like an over pressurised bottle ready to shatter and explode. Before children it is easy to schedule oneself, keep the clean laundry away from the dirty laundry, and it is certainly easier keeping control of most occurrences in ones life. However when one has children there is a sudden onslaught of unexpected dribble, boogers, and vomit on ones clothes requiring last minute wardrobe changes. There are freak rogue tantrums that can wake Sleeping Beauty from her everlasting slumber, and one is quite inept to transport these tantrums in any safe manner to any place but a time out cushion. There are mixed laundry, last minute projects, surprise play dates, missing homework and crazy hormones to deal with…all before breakfast and all before one attempts to gather oneself for the professional career one may have carved out for oneself. Husband? One is certain at this point that the future may not hold any alone time with the King at this point.


Well the Queen has reached her OCD peak and its time to swing into a little more balance and inject a little more refinement to her status quo by ejecting that which seeks to clutter and clang and cause catastrophe and confusion in the castle (try saying that ten times!). That means out with the old habits, thoughts and stuff, to create space for a new path.

So if you haven’t guessed by now yes I am that girl, and although I’m not naive to think I can control my world entirely, I can restore a bit of workable order and clarity in my life. I used to do a big declutter every three months at the change of season, and to be honest it wasn’t even big because I’m a bit ruthless in this department – evident by my I famous comments to my husband and children “if in doubt, throw it out” “if you haven’t see it in a year it’s clearly not needed” “if you hoard all this unused stuff you have no room for new adventures in life”. This past year however I have been terribly busy, over scheduled, and dropped all my juggling balls. So Captain Ruthless is on the comeback!!!


Let me outline for you the plan…

1. I want to make things simple and not get stuck on stuff , so I’ve decided to try this 30 day challenge….


The Minimalists came up with this challenge to help declutter your environment, by getting rid of 500 things in 30 days – check out the challenge ( http://www.theminimalists.com/game/ ). You get rid of 1 thing in day 1, 2 things on day 2, and so forth. If you are worried you will end up sleeping in a tent by day 15 don’t worry – the tent would have disappeared by day 10 and besides stars are pretty when you are trying to sleep! Joking. If I get to a point where I have decluttered everything I can then I will move to decluttering other stuff like habits, thoughts, etc.

2. So to simplify and declutter my life further I need to get a hold of my schedule so I am planning to
> Put up a very large monthly scheduler where the rest of the family can also put their stuff so we all are clear on who needs to be where at all times
> I have already reduced my working days so I can focus on study on Mondays, kids and friends on Fridays, and family/house/cooking on weekends. It’s working well.

3. So to simplify and declutter our finances I am planning on
> Laying out our financial position on paper so we are all clear on where we are
> Searching for more cost effective solutions to our needs and making clear choices on where we spend our money
> Booking in to plan our personal and business financial future and change our financial mindset with Chris Childs team at Think Money on the Sunshine Coast – better yet they offer a free wealth coaching session.

So who is up for any of these challenges? Feel free to share pictures, blog posts, or tips with us all here or on my facebook page.



Am I stuck in protect mode? Probably. Protecting AGAINST what I don’t want instead of protecting what I DO want. I feel like a suited up gladiator ready to strike – until now. Now I get what’s been going on in my head I can start to pull apart and create my own picture. When we let (it) go of the need to fix and embrace the idea of create….we lose the struggle component.

I need to move away from the stressaholic experience. I work I work I work, I parent I parent I parent. Instead however I now want to experience my trade, my passion. Now I want to experience my parenting moments. Now I want to experience my relationships, choices and life in all it’s glorious complexities. Treat life like a true lifestyle change…don’t remove anything….just keep adding in what you want, add in so much good that there is no room left for anything else.

Firstly I need to drop the fear of retribution from the medical community, not only for myself but for what I have to offer the world of myself. For what I have to teach my daughters about taking chances and making their passions a reality. If I cannot live my passion of wholistic healthcare for all in my nursing role then why should I spend the next 40 years being miserable? There is absolutely no need to become a martyr for my trade, there are plenty out there that relish that mindset and that’s okay – for them not me. Why wouldnt I create what I want instead? After all I am a creative being and know that creativity is the seed of great innovation and change. If I am to start living the life I want and envisage then I need to be mindful that I don’t get stuck by a title. Like Juliet says about her Romeo – what’s in a name? I need to begin living my life like it is one big love story with myself.

Do you process stuff quickly or a you a slow metaboliser before you produce a response or an action? I feel like the latter in this instance but I can see that it’s all about perfect timing. So I’m going to add in stuff…


– nourishing actions with nutrition
– activity I enjoy and that makes me happy
– thoughts that are real not imagined, uplifting thoughts
– time with people who I am most inspired by
– work that is aligned with my values

What could you ADD to your life to make you feel awesome…