There is no question that our household is particularly in love with Ted, especially my teenager who fights her way through to catch a glimpse or hear those provoking words, and to be totally honest that name sends shivers up my spine. To the beautiful fellow mothers of daughters reading this cringing at the thought of a teenage girl and her 30-something mother swooning over a man called Ted – SHAME ON YOU – get your mind out of the gutter and focus! To those other beautiful souls who have caught on already – high five, you know you want to.

Okay so TED isn’t some hot surfer dude that whispers sweet nothings to an array of young ladies at the horror of husbands, big bothers, or fathers everywhere. However TED seems to have been evoking emotional, passionate and enlightened interactions throughout the entire globe for quite some time now. I love it and both of my children love it, although there was a brief period of time when my 7 year old decided that the familiar sound of drumming and water droplet was the obvious trigger for a Hollywood style sigh followed by “mums watching TED again”. Like water off a ducks back so to speak because firstly I think at least it wasn’t some crappy reality show or even worse a dreadful remake of Beverley Hills 90210, and secondly her sighing lasted a week before she started running to listen to and watch TED again like some little philosophical prodigy.

There have been some very memorable and multi-watch episodes/speeches of TED, generally the ones that are most uncomfortable, controversial, or shocking – because honestly if I wanted tulips and butterflies I would watch reruns of In The Night Garden. Here are some of my favourites (save or share this if you want to watch them later)





And then there is this. The hope for our future. The light of tomorrow. Unschooling. In the most radical of ways.


Whilst it would be awesome if you watch the TED talk by this amazing 13 year old I realise that time is of the essence and unfortunately the essence bottle runs low all to quickly, so I will give you a rundown…what would it look like if you could cut and paste the education experience to fit what you wanted instead of sucking in a breath whilst people who now nothing of you try to stuff you in a box that doesn’t fit? I know the usual huffs and grumps are that – it doesn’t work, they wouldn’t be prepared, never get into university, left without a REAL education. What if you looked at what was available in your area though and hacked that?

This is exactly what my daughter has done. CONVENTIONAL UNSCHOOLING.

Yes she still attends school like everyone else, yes she works her butt off like everyone else. But she actually LIKES what she is learning and has no lack of choice either. How? My daughter attends an IB school. This means if she participates (and works her butt off) she can attend any IB uni in the world and won’t need an OP. It means she will leave high school with a diploma. All the while doing the subjects she wants with the freedom to tailor it to her. This program is so good I think I want to do it!

So I went to a meeting this evening at the school and the kids doing this program are passionate, driven, and look to be real game changers. They have taken what is available and chased it. I guess the one word that might make one cringe is the word ‘thesis’ being thrown around like a bouncy ball in a park. Lauren has however picked it up and is running through the playground with it…she is squealing over the vast ideas of thesis topics she could do. So what does she want to do?

“Mum I want to study the brain, I want to be a neurologist. Mum I want to find out what turns good kids into offenders. I want to study how our brains are already wired to heal our body. I want to study how to switch on our creative part like they do when they do electrical therapy”

I’m a proud mother. I’m deeply humbled by the complexities of this beautiful girl that has been entrusted to my care. I know she is going to be a game changer in this world…..she already is.




  1. Beautiful post Tammy, love TED also it is almost addictive. I love your writing and look forward to out next catch up. And that chat we discussed. Much love and hugs Di xx

    • Aren’t you just beautiful Krishna! She is a smart little thing and I’m afraid to say she might just be smarter than me! I had never heard of Ohms Law until now…bet so many people will google what it is now I have written this lol

  2. My son’s school has just started offering the IB program but he chose not to do it as he would have been forced to continue with foreign language studies, a subject he doesn’t like. I think the breadth of the curriculum is great though and I hope your daughter fulfills all her dreams with it. As for TED I thought it was some TV show we don’t get here but then I realized you meant the TED talks. Yes, I have listened to a few of those and they are excellent.

    • Ha ha….yes TED talks are brilliant, and the best thing is that you can do a search for a topic and more than likely find a TED talk that fits perfectly.

      My daughter particularly doesn’t want to study the theory of knowledge component – she feels like its going to mess with her head and drive her crazy!

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