STEPFORD WIVES – Behind the scenes

You know those mums that seem to be able to just whip up some homemade goodness for their little angels all before breakfast – you know…Stepford Mothers. Their house is perfect, their kids are perfect, their husbands are perfect, their budgets are perfect, their pets are perfect and they love their mother in law (actually my MIL was a beautiful woman). Well I’ve got something to tell you……come in closer…..shhhhhh…..they’re not – they just don’t always share their epic fails with the world!

You see that’s where I’m different. It’s not that I don’t want to hide my epic fails from the world, it’s just that generally my epic fails happen in broad daylight for all to see – so I don’t bother hiding them (remember the trip at work, the slip on the rocks ending in fractured spine, etc – just go back in my posts….its full of epic fails). I figure if by sharing my epic fails I can say ‘me too’ to another mum who feels like she is the only one that isn’t perfect then my epic fails aren’t going to waste. So I have decided to share some of my epic fails with you today….enjoy!

EPIC FAIL #1 – Gracefully overcoming my fear of bugs


EPIC FAIL #2 – Doing a ‘duck face’ pose


EPIC FAIL #3 – Not looking like The Griswalds when going camping


EPIC FAIL #4 – Healthy school snacks

Apparently I’m not a Stepford Wife who can bake flawlessly every time…who knew!!!


In fact today’s attempt at brownies have me crumbling in frustration,



and oat bites have left a sour taste in my mouth.



So whenever you are tempted to think that your fellow mothers have it all figured out just remember the mum who wasn’t afraid to admit her epic fails and cut yourself some slack.

CHALLENGE ALERT – WHY NOT BLOG YOUR OWN EPIC FAIL LIST…OR COMMENT BELOW ON SOME OF YOUR EPIC FAILS. Hit the share button if you want to share the ‘epic fails are okay’ message with someone else.


8 thoughts on “STEPFORD WIVES – Behind the scenes

  1. I have too many to list! Lol. Right now, it is not cleaning out my stepkids drawer of too small clothes. And not putting away their clean right size clothes. Oh boy, do they look like orphans. Even worse they are only with us every other weekend you would think I could get this done. Ha. ::facepalm::

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