STEPFORD WIVES – Behind the scenes

You know those mums that seem to be able to just whip up some homemade goodness for their little angels all before breakfast – you know…Stepford Mothers. Their house is perfect, their kids are perfect, their husbands are perfect, their budgets are perfect, their pets are perfect and they love their mother in law (actually my MIL was a beautiful woman). Well I’ve got something to tell you……come in closer…..shhhhhh…..they’re not – they just don’t always share their epic fails with the world!

You see that’s where I’m different. It’s not that I don’t want to hide my epic fails from the world, it’s just that generally my epic fails happen in broad daylight for all to see – so I don’t bother hiding them (remember the trip at work, the slip on the rocks ending in fractured spine, etc – just go back in my posts….its full of epic fails). I figure if by sharing my epic fails I can say ‘me too’ to another mum who feels like she is the only one that isn’t perfect then my epic fails aren’t going to waste. So I have decided to share some of my epic fails with you today….enjoy!

EPIC FAIL #1 – Gracefully overcoming my fear of bugs


EPIC FAIL #2 – Doing a ‘duck face’ pose


EPIC FAIL #3 – Not looking like The Griswalds when going camping


EPIC FAIL #4 – Healthy school snacks

Apparently I’m not a Stepford Wife who can bake flawlessly every time…who knew!!!


In fact today’s attempt at brownies have me crumbling in frustration,



and oat bites have left a sour taste in my mouth.



So whenever you are tempted to think that your fellow mothers have it all figured out just remember the mum who wasn’t afraid to admit her epic fails and cut yourself some slack.

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I’m coming out. I want the world to know. I’m gonna let it show. I’m coming out. ….la la lala la la….

Okay so it’s not the coming out you might think it is after my Miranda Hart style song intro, but it is a significant coming out of sorts. You see we have gone through some significant change to our lifestyle choices since just after Christmas that has elicited the strongly held opinions of others to be shoved mercilessly down our throats. Fortunately however, I take this to indicate that if they must pull apart our choices as ferociously as their slow cooked pork they must at some level sense some truth and feel challenged by these concepts.

So what is this choice I hint at I guess you wonder? Well it is that we have become vegetarian.
*GASP* I know it’s terribly radical isn’t it! I guess about as radical as choosing to stop eating McDonalds completely which we did about two years ago…but I digress. If you are wondering about what on earth drew us into this radical cult called vegetarianism (said totally tongue in cheek), it was a few things, and very much a well thought out, well researched decision.

Firstly, I have detested handling raw meat for many years now to the point of feeling a gag rush up my throat requiring me to work hard to refrain from allowing it to totally surface. My hate of raw meat and the smell of cooking meat was so bad that I would sometimes have to leave parties that had strong smelling meats being cooked like kangaroo or pig on a spit – I couldn’t even eat it if it were too overpowering.

Secondly, we have had such wars with our you gets about eating anything over the past years that getting her to eat meat was like world war three. She absolutely hated any meat she had to chew. Totally turned her nose up at it and I’m sad to confess that I put my foot down and made her eat it much to the decimation of any harmony at the dinner table.

Thirdly (and this was the deal breaker for us), we decided to watch the movie Food Inc. through watching this movie and doing our own research afterwards we decided that in fact it was not aligned with our values to contribute to what was going on in the whole food chain process.

So we decided to stop eating meat to begin with, and to work towards taking out eggs and dairy too. My eldest is already dairy free by choice after a visit to a dairy farm and a bit of research on her part…and we will follow her lead. Of course it is always a choice, if my children asked me tomorrow for a steak then I would oblige with an option that is the most humane I could find – because ultimately I want this to be a choice they make for themselves when armed with knowledge, but so far they are more than happy to have no meat in their diets.

Are we sick? No. Are my kids poorly? No. Are we going to suffer? No. In fact we feel great for having done it!

We do get the odd comment that it will affect our children’s health negatively, but from everything I have seen so far my children have a much more nutritionally dense intake than many other children. I don’t consider those fast food chains, so called ‘breakfast’ bars or packets of sugar laden and chemical laden rubbish to be nutrition and neither do my children. My children eat spinach and avocado for breakfast, curries choc full of vegetables, and drink juices that would make your cells explode with delight, because they know now how to listen to what their body needs at any given time and are usually right.

So there we have it – I’m out!!! Proud to speak our truth. So if you visit and want to eat meat we won’t hang you or put you on trial for it….we just wont have any in our house. I dare you to try at least one meat free day a week and see how you feel – but it is your choice.

Hope you have had wonderful holidays, Passover, Easter. 🙂