Value is value regardless of context. Many people relate value with words like: worth, money, success, and measurement. Who doesn’t just love an Urban Dictionary definition of a word? Sorry, not going there due to boring examples and references to Pokemon cards. However the Oxford Dictionary says that value is a monetary measurement of worth, or a principle or standard of importance.

The origin of this word is Latin ‘valere’, but what is interesting is the Old French which is ‘valoir’. It’s interesting because ‘valoir’ actually means to be worth – wow – ‘be’ worth. So in living a life of value it becomes important to ‘be’ that value. In being authentic to your values it is important to STAND BY those values, not for those values to be held in STANDBY mode until it benefits you.

Standing by your values however, can be mighty tough in this world of conditioned societies, boys clubs, girls clubs, corporate clubs, enabler clubs, mummy clubs, judgement clubs and popularity or appearances clubs. Sometimes it is far easier to keep walking down the path that keeps our connections together, instead of staying true to what is essentially you. In simple terms to ‘be’ worth – your worth, is simply to live your truth.

‘Living your truth’ is a rather ambiguous term when you pry it open and explore its inner bearings. It could be a reference to so many different things but I really like to look at it as your baseline for life. The core concepts that apply to every single situation you may face, so that when you face good times and bad times you know that you stay true to you if you face it with these in mind.


Your truth is ‘NON JUDGEMENT’…how do you respond (unless react is your word) when:

1. A friend has a belief on a particular issue that you believe is wrong because it isn’t aligned with your beliefs eg.doesnt vaccinate their kids.

2. Your sister in law chooses to stop a relative from interacting with their child because of the negative impact it has on that child’s feelings.

3. Your brother chooses to skip his sons grand final soccer game to watch the grand final of the footy with his mates.

Now if you look at what your thought patterns were in each of these…did they align with non judgement? Not conditional non judgement. Unconditional non judgement, not matter the reasons, no matter the person, no matter the details. If you apply this method of looking at your actions and reactions in accordance to what your top five values are, you can get a good grasp on whether you are living your truth or following the herd.

I have been a bit of a sheep in the past, in fact my name is Sunny and I’m a recovering people pleaser. These days however I am exploring my beliefs, trying to stay open to growth, and reminding myself daily that there are more sides to a rubiks cube than the ones you see on the outside.



These days I am standing firm in what I believe is my truth at the time I believe it, and learning that to do this isn’t the formula for ‘how to make friends and influence people’. It is a great way to define those who are with you on your journey and those who want to derail it, think of it as a way to get to know the people in your life a whole lot better.okay yes I’m being a bit sarcastic and cheeky…but it’s not far from the truth.

So I am going to nut out our top five family truths over the coming weeks and will share it on here. WHAT ARE YOUR TOP FIVE TRUTHS?

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