I’m no longer M.I.A. for the moment that is. I know I have been very naughty lately and have kept you all somewhat out of the loop so to speak, that has for the most part been because my schedule has gone from 0-100 in less than 60 seconds. Or so it feels in my busy bee little world lately. So when this chaos interrupts my infinite balance what does this frazzled chicken do? I have a mini-meltdown, swim through the chaos, then start to find a new normal for this new way of being. AKA – Project Get Stuff Sorted.

Project Get Stuff Sorted became necessary when lots of little things started to fall by the wayside because I kept having things piled onto my plate (and by that I don’t mean canapés or cream puffs). Quite often we say to ourselves ‘oh it’s just a little thing, won’t take much of my time’ and before you know it you have lost time for exercise, time for preparing nourishing meals for your family, and time for yourself. It’s easy to do – just look at what happens at Christmas time or back to school time…those little extra tasks overrun the sanctity of your schedule no matter how flexible it may have been. So I’ve started back at the basics and devised a very simple plan you can n love the children in too.

SCHEDULE IT – BASIC (I will upload templates at a later date)


These are simple sheets that you can schedule in the basics – meals, day plan, exercise/family activity. The only thing you have to do is fill it in and commit – let’s see how we go over the next week.

We ended the day with a good chat about what we wanted to achieve over the coming weeks, months, years. How we wanted our family unit to feel. How we wanted us to all progress as individuals and as a family unit. Guess it looks like easy work being where we are by the beach with a beautiful rainbow appearing from nowhere. Let me assure you though that even the most held together people have to work at life – so dont feel alone.


How do you schedule your time, or keep everything moving forward with no casualties?


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