I have a secret…….

It’s a secret I have to keep quiet, especially with those scary laws about three or more people meeting gathering together…

Okay so maybe it’s not that much of a secret but it should be – its getting tough to get tickets on time, it’s so popular that they sell out in a flash. It’s where all the cool chicks hang out every month or so. The cool chicks with hearts of gold, passion for life and millionaire wealth of knowledge. It’s where the cool chicks get to eat yummy food and become more amazing purely by osmosis (okay and some entrepreneur insider secret sharing).

Curious? You should be because its kind of a big deal here on the Sunshine Coast. It’s the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs -SCWE – and run by the gorgeous Alex Mitchell from Author Support Services. The fabulous Sarah of Mischievious Mum introduced me to this group and I am ever so grateful for her contribution and guidance in getting my business moving to start with.

I feel especially blessed being part of this wonderful group because without it I don’t believe I would have as much forward motion as I do. There is just something special about this group and its ability to propel you in the direction of your dreams and goals. I guess the only way to give it justice is to share what it has done for me over the past 6 months.


(Thankyou to Karen from Above See Level Photography for this awesome pic at the last SCWE afternoon)

I came to SCWE with an idea of what I wanted my business to be, but I lacked the confidence to believe that it was worth chasing and felt I was aiming too high almost not worthy enough of such a dream. On the outside I looked calm and somewhat collected but the first time I had to stand and speak here I was shaking both on the inside and on the outside. My words were more a garbled bunch of nonsense – or so it seemed to me anyhow – and I ended up a mess from the vulnerability it took to do it that made me replay over and over in my head the words I spoke and how it may have come across even though I wasn’t even sure anymore what those words were. However the next time I was a little more confident, felt accepted and encouraged, and I was at a point that I wanted to overcome my fears…including that of public speaking. So when I was presented with the opportunity to back fill an educator-type position at my day job I jumped right in, and months later I haven’t looked back. It’s not just that though, it’s the valuable information, guidance and support from the beautiful women and presenters that has helped me along the way and pushed me to advance and move forward between each get together. I’m moving ahead in areas I had never been able to grasp before – thanks to Krishna Everson, Julie Mason and Mary Gardam.

So where to from here – well I will continue to attend SCWE and spend time with other passionate women, learning all I can and having a complete blast at the same time. One day I may even present myself and share what I know, but for now I will grow into the business I am passionate about and maintain my own Infinite Balance.



  1. Fantastic blog Tammy. It’s wonderful to hear how the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs are helping you step up into your best self. They are such a beautiful group of women, supporting eachother and growing together, I feel honoured to be a part of it. See you at the next meeting, which is about communicating your message. I hope you’ll think about standing up and sharing how that’s been for you
    Alex Mitchell
    Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs

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