Are you grateful? I think we are all grateful for something, but to master it is something different. I have been doing some work on gratitude to move past some grief and stress that we have experienced of late. We have been having conversations about gratitude and the fat that it isn’t actually an attitude, but rather a practise – a daily commitment to focus on what is good in our life instead of the bad stuff. So this is the challenge I have put to myself and to all of you. 100 moments of gratitude. But of course since I am a writer, and revel in writing not just dot points, the 100 long list is taking a while to structure. Here is my first 20 and the rest will follow. I have tried to ‘triple whammy’ each of my moments to make them as all encompassing and descriptive as possible. My 6 year old daughter taught me about triple whammy sentences after a year of having the most amazing while brain teacher in the world. Triple whammy is about extending a simple statement three times its original structure…okay that’s kind of how she explained it to me that is….

Today is the day (okay I started the whole active practice of gratitude a few days ago). The day to do my 100 MOMENTS OF GRATITUDE. Really today is the only day – yesterday has come and gone, and tomorrow is not promised to us. If you are doing this challenge its okay to do this as big or little as you like…or even to do this one day at a time, whatever works for you.

We all have our own journey and therefore it is common sense to realise that each of us are at a different place on our journey and that’s okay. This realisation has been very difficult to come to and has taken me a while to grasp because common sense is a little deeper and more intricate these days and therefore less common. If I am transparent I must admit to you all that once upon a time I used to think that if I have figured something out then why the hell doesn’t everyone else know it and sense it too? I used to also find it all too easy to sit back and judge another persons journey and make my discontent with it known. I have now realised my folly in that however and am more aware and conscious of this, trying not to judge anyone’s journey, anyone’s experiences, anyone’s feelings, lest I be judged – because let’s face it, as Bruce Williams says ‘if you spot it you got it’. What you see you have mirrored. So whilst I’m not perfect at it I am trying. As a family we have had such a dreadful 12 months filled with heartaches, multiple deaths, stress, illness, transformations, realisations, injuries and much more. This brings you ups and downs, mountains and valleys, triumphs and trials. So I have made a conscious choice to really focus on gratitude, hence the reason to create this challenge – 100 MOMENTS OF GRATITUDE

I am grateful for:

1. The moment you gaze at the sunshine kissing the waves, causing diamonds to dance before your eyes as the waves roll in and roll out.

2. The moment when you breathe in the vision of your sleeping child, just at the precise divine moment the corner of the mouth turns upward in a little half grin.

3. The moment you catch a gentle wisp of air filled with the delicious scent of Peter Alexander’s caramel vanilla melt as you cosy up ready for sleep.

4. The moment you dissolve into your crisp clean sheets, that has the immediate power to ease the tired ache in your muscles after a long day.

5. The moment you feel the cool sprinkle of scattered raindrops as the heat is broken by a sun showers at the beach.

6. The moment you wake to the sound of the echo of birds calling from the trees surrounding you, just as you realise that it is in fact a non-work day and you have nowhere in particular to be.

7. The moment you walk around the corner at school to see the eager and smiling face of your kids, after the school bell finishes its shrill call in the background.

8. The moment you take a sneaky peek into your baby girls room because you can hear voices speaking gleefully about something you cannot quite decipher, only to find your little princess playing joyfully with her most favourite dolly.

9. The moment you drive in anticipation towards a canopy of deep green trees overshadowing the road, ensuring your window is down to inhale the raw scent of lush trees.

10. The moment your children folk wrap their hands around your neck, before gazing adoringly up at your face to whisper those three sweetest words ‘I love you’.

11. The moment your teenage daughter turns to you after a moment of deep thought, to tell you that the event that caused her so much pain and grief has also brought you both closer on a spiritual level.

12. The moment your husband gently holds your face, looks directly into your soul, and tells you that everything will be okay because we have each other and we are all that matters.

13. The moment your favourite 80’s song comes on the radio, causing your inner disco chick to break free and dance like its the most important thing to do at that moment – because of course it is the ONLY thing to do in that moment.

14. The moment you catch a glimpse of your grandchildren and although you will probably never be given the opportunity to know them, your heart swells knowing they are happy and healthy and adored by their parents.

15. The moment you reach the top of the mountain you never thought even possible to climb, feeling the all encompassing sunshine on your face as your eyes span the 360 degree views of the most beautiful panorama in the world.

16. The moment you realise the spirit of the persons hand you are holding has in fact soared into what comes next, realising the absolute privilege and honour you had been given to hold that hand at that moment.

17. The moment you awaken to the purpose your horrendous experience, with someone you trust, has in allowing you to empathise and support others who experienced the same.

18. The moment that first loud firework cracks into the warm night sky, welcoming you into the visual delight of colours exploding and raining sparkles into your field of view, allowing a sense of child-like joy to overcome you.

19. The moment you taste a new and exciting flavour, leaving your taste buds wondering what is next whilst your brain tries to connect itself to this new experience.

20. The moment you feel the blood rushing back to your cheeks, as you hasten to catch your breath at the end of a beachside run in the winter cold.

…………to be continued.


21. The moment you walk through the doors of the church and despite having an epic meltdown earlier that day that would make most bridzillas cringe, you see the smile and feel the love radiating from your soon to be husband at the front.

22. The moment your head first goes under the water in the ocean, feeling the cool salty water embracing each strand of hair til you sigh in relaxation, as if all the worries of the world have just been washed out to sea.

23. The moment you take your first sip of your hot delicious merlo cappuccino and that deep and meaningful aroma teases your senses.

24. The moment you step onto solid ground after your very first ‘real’ kayaking trip, despite your terrifying fear of deep water, and the feeling of sheer elation realising you ACTUALLY did it.

25. The moment you hear your two daughters having their first civil, in depth conversation about nothing in particular, WITHOUT the escalation of voices.

26. The moment you wake up and realise that your baby girl has crept into your bed throughout the night, and now has her little arms wrapped sweetly around your neck, and her sweet little snore fills your ears making you thankful for another day with her.

27. The moment your teenage daughter responds to an uneducated judgement about her decision to be dairy free, with a brief but concise, educated answer that stops them in their tracks and challenges their beliefs without feeling attacked.

28. The moment you children’s teacher says to you that it is a delight to teach your child because of the dedication they show to their education and future.

29. The moment you try on a cute pair of blue skinny jeans in a size you haven’t worn in years, and they fit perfectly , feeling like they were made especially for you.

30. The moment you receive that much awaited and prayed for phone call to tell you that yes, your daughter has secured a highly sought after appointment with the paediatric cardiologist and that they will in fact help her regain a normal teenage life.

31. The moment you are able to accept your imperfect humanness, with the non-judgemental awareness that yes, you can be and sometimes are a complete b*tch which then allows you the opportunity to ask forgiveness for such if it affects another.

32. The moment your pale hands – which are cold and frozen from the icy winter chill- meet the surrounds of that steaming delish cup of hot chocolate, melting away your stresses into nothingness even if just for a moment or two.

33. The moment your children reflect the stress-filled exhausted person you are portraying in the shocked look that invades their eyes – because this then allows you to acknowledge and redirect your course which if course allows them to also see an example for the moments they are feeling the same.

34. The moment you look across at your friend. I’d conversation and laugh so hard and so deeply, all because a phrase that was uttered reminded you of that hilarious conversation you both had some time ago.

35. The moment whilst at the cinema you and your bestie are breathless with laughter and you realise no one else is laughing, because this is the third time you have both been to see it and your laughing at what is coming up.

36. The moment your beautiful doctor hands you a printed pathology report that she tells you to frame, all because it tells you that you have no more cancers cells – which also means no more biopsies or talk of surgery.

37. The moment your neurologist tells you that the ‘thing’ that has been found in your brain is not operable because the outcome would most likely be life altering in a bad way – which gives you an awakening to take every moment and every opportunity for joy and love, and becomes one of the catalysts for future change.

38. The moment your neurologist tells you that the ‘thing’ in your brain is not growing and releases you from regular and traumatic MRI’s unless symptoms worsen or develop, which fills you with a sense of freedom.

39. The moment you see the bliss and joy on your husbands face, as he steps out of from the plane he was able to fly, on the most beautiful sunny and clear day on the Sunshine Coast.

40. The moment when just as you reach the end of your resources and abilities, God steps in with devine intervention and brings a last minute miracle that reminds you he is there through it all.

41. The moment you drive over the crest at the top of a very steep road, feeling your stomach flip and glee rise in your heart as you giggle all the way down with your children doing the same.

42. The moment you reach the crest of a hill, and as you clear the crest you catch a glimpse of the oceanic panorama opening up before you like an unexplored adventure, causing your breath to hitch each and every time.

43. The moment NSW victoriously wins a state of origin with an enormous margin, purely due to amazing form and great playing. Okay that hasn’t happened but I imagined it and that was pretty awesome! Ha!

44. The moment you get nostalgic, remembering that as a little girl you thought that 30 was ‘old’ and you couldn’t imagine living for that long, and taking in that actually it was young.

45. The moment you answer an unexpected knock at your front door, only to find your bestie standing here grinning from ear to ear at her cheeky deception not telling me she was coming to visit.

46. The moment you look at your sister in law and realise how deeply similar you both are, and are filled with such overwhelming appreciation at being able to call her a best friend.

47. The moment of enlightened thought where you realise that the box society has placed you in is only kept intact by your own conditioned thoughts, easily changed and set free.

48. The moment you step into your own arena, filled with the knowing that it is your ability to be vulnerable and human will be the very strength that helps you to your feet when others from the audience knock you down.

49. The moment you feel the water run over your face in the shower after a long tough day, allowing you just a few moments of relief where you can sing badly, shake your butt, and pretend you re a superstar with a shampoo microphone.

50. The moment you realise your child is no longer a child but a self assured force to be recognised, and that all those tough mummy decisions are all paying off…most days.

…..to be continued.

I’ve been a tad preoccupied with back to school tasks but have been writing as I go so here are a few more …
51. The moment you burst through the waves of cool, unrelenting salt water on a steaming hot Queensland summer day.

52. The moment you experience that sweet reassuring taste of a sun ripened Coffs Harbour banana freshly picked in all its yellow skinned goodness.

53. The moment you begin a run (okay a jog), after time off training, feeling the breeze on your face and that pull on your awakened muscles.

54. The moment you drag yourself over that ‘hump’ in an exercise session, the one that makes your head scream T you to just stop, and you are filled with a sense of accomplishment on the other side of it.

55. The moment you fluff ball puppy overcomes her distaste for water, and decides to leap into the water for a swim.

56. The moment you take that first sip of a freshly steeped cup of steaming hot tea, realising how utterly exquisite tea actually is.

57. The moment you hold your baby skin to skin for the first time, feeling that deep warmth on your skin whilst you try to grasp the newness of life.

58. The moment you open your window and inhale the familiar scent of lantana, feeling just a snippet guilty for loving something termed noxious.

59. The moment you reach the point in a really great book, where all the pieces come together revealing the plot that was previously hidden.

60. The moment you sit down in a cafe, after hours of school supply shopping in the week before return to school.

61. The moment your knowledge and skills are made use of by someone you admire.

62. The moment you come face to face with something you are fearful of, with the courage and determination to overcome it.

63. The moment your little one comes out with a knock knock joke that is funny just because it doesn’t make sense, causing her to erupt with giggles.

64. The moment your child erupts in the deep uncontrollable giggle, that gives you an insight into the true nature of unrestricted joy.

65. The moment you see the friendly face of the RACQ man you’ve seen now for the 10th time to get your keys out of the car.

…..to be continued….again…
66. The moment you find an awesome human being that an teach you the value of raw foods – Thankyou Scott Mathias 🙂

67. The moment you find an awesome human being that can get you the best spinach, and will order in what you want – Thankyou Sunshine Organics.

68. The moment you find an awesome human being that has the best fresh organic veg on the coast that doesn’t cost you a second mortgage – Thankyou Shambhala Farm.

69. The moment you find an awesome human being that understands the value of actual functional fitness that embraces the adventures of life, and helps you embrace where you are at – Thankyou Melinda Bingley from MAB Personal Fitness and Adventures.

70. The moment you find an awesome human being that is able to transform the way you thought about food and helped you transform your taste buds – Thankyou Lisa Curry.

71. The moment you find an awesome human being with amazing insight and knowledge that finally unlocks the way you view vulnerability – Thankyou Brene Browns Daring Greatly.

72. The moment you find an awesome human being that is able to looks past and through all that you are, empowering you to finally stand up in life instead of following society’s pack, instead being the leader of your own pack with yourself – Thankyou Emazon.

73. The moment you find a gaggle of awesome human beings that accept you where you are at and support and encourage you to keep going in developing your business and your life – Thankyou Alex Mitchell and Sunshine Coast Women Entrepenuers.

74. The moment you find an amazing team that make the best coffee ever, which makes you eat your words about what is the best coffee – Thankyou One on La Balsa.

75. The moment you find an amazing team doing great things in the world to stop child sex slavery by rescuing one child at a time whilst risking life and limb, and you realise this is who you want to support – Thankyou Destiny Rescue.

76. The moment you find an awesome human being with a heart of gold and the best techniques – Thankyou Tundi at Palmwoods Physiotherapy.

77. The moment you stand in front of a classroom of colleagues and future colleagues delivering education and realise that actually you have overcome your fear of public speaking.

78. The moment a jellyfish the size of England bobs to the surface next to your kayak, and you realise that in fact you didn’t die!

79. The moment you realise that what you thought you knew was minuscule compared to what you are beginning to know now.

80. The moment you realise the Devine intervention that keeps showing up is the answers to your prayers making you all that more grateful.

81. The moment you can look at your grandchildren and feel exceedingly happy that they are happy and healthy and loved, instead of feeling heartbroken you won’t get to know them – and you realise you have moved into a better place of being.

82. The moment you child exudes that inner elation that spills onto the pavement when they finally pedal their bikes on their own with no training wheels.

83. The moment you finally make that decision on what you are going to cook for dinner, knowing the ingredients are all present and accounted for.

84. The moment your campsite fire takes hold allowing you to sit back and enjoy it rather than trying to stop it dying.

85. The moment you feel that crispy sweet skin of a roasted marshmallow fall away in your mouth leaving the soft gooey centre to be demolished.

86. The moment your child tells you what her body needs when she isn’t feeling so well, and you realise she is becoming more attuned to her own body.

87. The moment your young child awakens to her own power to change the world by example.

88. The moment you see a beautiful fish lapping around your feet as you dangle them in the cool ocean water, the sunshine glistening on their scales reflecting a brilliance of colour.

89. The moment you feel each and every muscle in your body melt, as your masseuse unlocks the knots that have bound you in your everyday activities.

90. The moment you realise that you are at number 90. in your 100 moments of gratitude list, with the end in sight just around the corner.

91. The moment you realise that this gratitude list has allowed you to build a great new way of thinking and a renewed focus on the great things in life.

92. The moment you realise that your children have kept the values instilled in them, and that now help them shape how they approach life.

93. The moment your husband plugs into how you are changing as a person, allowing him to stand in his own beliefs and values also.

94. The moment you sit knowingly with the blessings you have been afforded in life, with the full authority that you deserve to be so blessed just as much as all other human beings in life.

95. The moment you embrace who you are without guilt or shame for not being who society wanted you to be.

96. The moment you realise that although life flies by in a heartbeat, you have the power to be present in every moment to enjoy each one.

97. The moment you realise that your life is in your power to create as you wish, the only rule being that it is yours and yours alone.

98. The moment you are able to wonder at the transformation that has taken place where seemingly traumatic moment lie, allowing you the reward for the path rarely taken – and the spectacular scenery along its way.

99. The moment you realise that the people that are meant to be in your life are in fact there, and that even relationships have seasons – and that is okay.

100. The moment you realise that through good and not so good, each moment in your life has meaning, and purpose, and the potential for extraordinary, if we can just shift our perception of it.

And that is it…but it is merely a snapshot of gratitude rather than the end.

How are your moments of gratitude lists going…share in the comments section if you like and have a great weekend 🙂


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