Dear Me,

I know you have been struggling this past week, struggling to be motivated, joyful, happy, at ease, and in general to face each day. I know you have found it difficult to grasp the terrible tragedy that has had a significant impact on your baby girl leaving her grieving and unable to understand quite what is going on with her emotions. You can’t be surprised really – she has lost one of her best friends and the soul that was to walk beside her into the next phase of her life as they navigate the paths of achieving their academic goals. I guess it has been tough on you too, maybe more in fact because a mother lost her earthly life also. I understand its tough to sit with tears streaming down your sobbing face as you search your mummy tool kit for that sure-fire way to deliver such terrible news to your teen, only to find through gut wrenching nausea, shock and horror that the tool kit is void of such a thing and you will have to ‘wing it’. I understand the heart wrenching pain you feel as you watch your child’s face turn from care free to free fall in the time it takes to say but a few carefully chosen words. I understand how incompetent, and incapable, and imperfect you feel as you realise this is one thing you cannot protect your child from no matter how you try. I understand how this terrible tragedy brings you face to face with your own mortality as a mother, and that of the people you hold closest to you – including your two babies. I even understand your confusion as to why his could happen to two such beautiful women – yet I cannot explain it or answer it.

Please remember out of each terrible tragedy, comes amazing good. A deeper awareness, a fresh appreciation, and a renewing of faith as it were….for life. Please remember the depth of life you saw in them and reclaim your own similar zest for the same – because it has not gone, just merely taken a step back until the time is right. Please remember that each step back to your new normal will be checkered with tears, a bit of pain, and a need to grab hold of the safety rope, but take those new ways of being with you…they are there for you to use not throw away. Embrace them all: your desire for quality over quantity, your desire for connection, your openness to new, fresh and revamped ways of living and seeing things…carry them all with you.

Finally, never ever forget that as you embrace life, it will embrace you right back. You are loved, you are heard, you are seen.

Love always and infinity, Me x

So I have decided to set out a challenge to overcome my grief. I am going to write an article listing those things I am grateful for. I shall name it……

List 100 moments or things you are grateful for and link your post in here so we can all get a sense of it and share our gratitude moments…..


    • Thanks so much Krishna. I have done just that, in fact I’ve taken as much time off that I can to allow me to gain some traction and flow over the next two weeks. Today I’ve even been a bit selfish and sent the children folk with Mr Omni-Awesome so I can just be…and climb a mountain lol.

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