ACROSS THE OCEANS – What lurks beneath


My name is Sunny.

I live on Queenslands Sunshine Coast in Australia.

I grew up in Woolgoolga right next to the beach before moving to Queensland.

The beach is THE only place that truly centres me. Calms me. Inspires me. Captures me.
So being a beach person who loves water sports should be a cinch right? WRONG WRONG WRONG!

I burn like a beetroot so if I had any sense I would stay in the shade! I truly do love the beach, especially Mooloolaba where I feel like I’m on holiday all of the time. I love that on a quiet night I can hear the rush of the ocean and waves from my back yard. I love the sand – even if it invades every space of our car and home because I is a constant reminder of the blessing that is my life. I like the taste of salt spray and the feel of those minuscule salt crystals on your reddened, sensitive skin after a whole day at the beach. I love that totally spent feeling after diving under and jumping over waves on a summer day. I don’t like sunscreen (another post), but I do love the smell of it mixed with summer barbeques wafting through the air.


I do not like the fish near feet
I do not like a jellyfish street
I do not like a great big shark
I do not like it, it’s not a lark
I do not like the coral reef
No I do not like what lies beneath

I will not smile for the cam
I do not like it Tam I am!



I’m terrified of what lurks beneath. For no other reason I guess than when I was in primary school a friend piggy backed me across a deep section of water and just let me go. The shock set in and a fear I have never experienced before took hold and I almost drowned. It was as if my body forgot how to swim. I have been fearful of deep water both in pools and open water ever since.

And if I want my girls to challenge themselves and their biggest fears, then I have to show them what I do with fear and challenges. If I didn’t I would be acting hypocritically. So I’m taking on one of my biggest fears…deep water. My logical fear-ridden brain is telling me as I type this ‘gee you’re a goose! Why did you start in a really deep pool?’. Good point…yeah good point. Too late!

Next week I have booked in with Melinda of MAB (Mind And Body) Personal Training & Adventures to from Golden Beach to Bribie Island. This is going to be an enormous challenge for me and I can’t promise there won’t be tears, freak outs and meltdowns, but I can promise that I will give it a good crack, and give you a play by play on how truly………….frightening and liberating facing this fear will be.

What is your biggest fear?


One thought on “ACROSS THE OCEANS – What lurks beneath

  1. What a cool blog!!! I love the little rhyme, it reminded me of my Dr Zeus reading days 🙂

    Fear has been an interesting journey for me. Truth I’ve feared nearly everything and everyone! I had little security or safety as a child so the world was a scary place! But despite all that I still managed to get degrees, set up a business, own a house and bring up two beautiful girls.

    Yet fear still emerges every time I face change!!!! I stand on edge again and look into the unknown, shaking in my boots … Do I step forward or do I not?

    Facing our fears is great… Tread safely, with support ad wisely… But tread forward all the same 🙂

    Loved your blog
    Lots of love
    Nessie xo

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