I’ve been quite secretive lately. No not secretive – scrap that word because it sends a subconscious message of deception – I really detest that word. Okay, I’ve been selective with the entirety of what I have shared in the past six or so months. For anyone who has read this blog in the past few posts however it would appear I’m over that. Ha! In all seriousness though I have been struggling to really pinpoint the exact path my future was going to take. That hasn’t changed though, I’ve just come to a place where I am zen with going wherever I am directed to go, more in tune with those subtle cues and gentle nudges that prompt us to follow our best path. Now in saying best path I don’t mean that path that is all beautifully cobblestoned, leading to a garden filled with blue bells, cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row. Yes you might have that experience a few times on your life’s journey, but more likely you will encounter a mixture including dirt paths, rocky paths, paths surrounded and blocked by vines, tree roots and spider webs looking nothing like those in the children’s tale of Charlottes Web.

I am slowly beginning to grasp the fact that life can hold many different paths that lead to where you want to go, it’s just that the paths on the way may not help you to believe it. And that is where trust in God, the Devine, the universe or whomever you place your faith in, comes in and is the most useful. Once upon a time (during my very difficult slog through 8 years of full and part time uni to get my nursing degree, not to mention countless hours at the hospital with my eldest in her early years), I thought that for the rest of my life I would remain a Registered Nurse dedicated only to the altruistic actions that was expected of me. Oh my have times changed. I now manage 60 clients, work long long difficult shifts and work a ridiculous amount of unpaid overtime because I am so passionate and dedicated to the human experience of my clients in that I MAKE time for each and every one of them despite the fact I’m not God and unable to do that. I realise now however that making a difference to people’s lives can be achieved in many different formats, and since I have such huge visions about the future of healthcare across all spectrums and the reality of where we are currently headed, I thought it best to expand my horizons.

So I am currently studying my Certificate III and IV in fitness which at the end of I will be a qualified (if not new) Personal Trainer. My studies are slow as jelly setting in the sun but I’m okay with that at the moment because my plate is full up. Next year I also would like to study integrative nutrition to further my skill and knowledge base in health. I certainly don’t fit the conventional mould of a Personal Trainer – with my health and fitness still a story in the making, it is my experience of losing 30+kgs, getting fit, fracturing my spine and becoming deconditioned, overcoming body issues, overcoming the mind balance issues, overcoming cancer, that will set me apart.

My belief of health is that it is NOT about
Weight and kilograms/pounds
Kilometres/miles and speed
The weights you can lift
The outside appearance
How many clean or paleo recipes you eat a week
Health is about feeling good both on the inside and out, how you get there is not the defining factor. Health is about being filled with vitality and energy, having a maintainable lifestyle that nourishes your body, mind and spirit. Health is what you say it is – as Emazon says…YOUR BODY YOUR RULES. PERIOD. You alone are the one that has to deal with the outcomes and live your life – nobody else can do that for you.

Watch her you tube video here…

So I have decided to keep doing what I’m doing at this point of time, and incorporate and build “My Infinite Balance” as my other path of passion in life. I won’t claim to know everything, but I have been there and experienced this ups and downs, and together with my future clients we will collaborate between us and your other health professionals to fulfil YOUR idea of true health.

What is YOUR definition of health?



6 thoughts on “THE ZEN PATH

  1. Keep going Sunny!!! I want to look further into the idea of Intergrative health. I can’t wait for the holidays to read a book I bought with this title. Bring on 2014. xo

    • I know it’s certainly an interesting topic isn’t Sarah! Cyndi O’Meara has release information about her speaking events next year and many are up here on the sunny coast so I’m excited at all the new knowledge 2014 has in store for me. I’m already getting started by going to Scott Mathias Raw Tuscan Masterclass next month so I have some great skills up my sleeve.

    • Hey Rachelle. Yes I do believe that it begins and ends in the mind and that we alone have the potential to engage either in a way that serves us or a way that hinders us…now I’m trying to teach my daughters this so that they can dream big and live big. I have however been blessed with working for a company where my bosses have created so many opportunities for me and moved me forward in knowledge and skills – I get to train now and work with positive mindset stuff all in my role as RN! That has done wonders for my job satisfaction – but there is so much more I want! I will have to head over to your blog and check out your 2014 planning.

  2. Fantastic. You will be amazed by the time passing and suddenly you are a personal trainer. I am also a changing careers RN into teaching Medical Intuition. Enjoy. Xxx

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