Occasionally I go back and revisit the things that have strung forth from my mind previously. I’m really glad I came across this diamond. Have a read – see if you can come up with your own and discover your IT.

Tailored Living Project

I have decided to share with you all a little insight into what I am learning in my journey to a life of INFINITE BALANCE. Some I have thought of myself, some inspired by the “mentors” in my life (be them invited or accidental), and some from experience. I think that debriefing what I am learning by sharing can sometimes help with gaining some clarity but can also help other people through shared information. So feel free to comment, share and discuss.


So what is IT? “IT” is your vision…the vision you have for life or any other facet of your life. Kind of like a road map of where you are heading and what you want to pack in your bag – those special things that will make you who you are and carry you through your journey when your legs are tired.

So how do you find…

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