Professional Social Media Building

Very interesting article worth a look and some thoughtful consideration. Love learning from people that have experience, makes it all far easier for me. Go have a look…the better man is worth following!

The Better Man Project ™


A Little About Me

 “Draw a line. Live above it.”- Unknown

I live to inspire. My true passion is to help people lead powerful and bold lives and to express themselves in the most unique ways possible. And what better way to do that than support them in building their personal brands to capture the attention of the masses. So that is exactly what I do – I create focused, engaged, and kick-ass communities on social media.

After partnering with Nick Venezia, a social media expert who has been widely recognized by the social media community, I began creating on my own brand, The Better Man Project and in three months I grew my Twitter account from 1,500 unfocused followers to over 13,500 focused and engaged users. Today, The Better Man Project has a combined following across all networks of  55,000 and continues to grow. (Instagram: 22k, WordPress: 17k Twitter:13.5k…

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