I’ve watched Dispicable Me, in fact more than a few times just to try and grasp the fascination people have with these cute little yellow people. I’ve never really understood it, yet it appears there are a million of men, women, children and even teenagers that do. So in the interest of cartoon-like science I did some exploring of my own to uncover the hidden or deeper meaning of these critters.


I initially assumed that it was because they were so darn cute! Like little yellow tictac shaped bundles of cuteness. Complete with chunky goggles that I’m certain are just there to keep their cuteness from oozing out everywhere. There certainly is no shortage of picture proof all over the internet if you need an ‘awwwww’ fix. But alas cuteness is not the key here I think.


I then was directed to minions being ‘constraint solvers’ – WHAT THE??? Yep, from what I understand about computer programming a constraint solver is something to do with solving constraints? Yeah I can admit that computer programming really confuses the jelly out of me! Here I was picturing a cute little minion in multiple locked chains, secured in a metal cage, underneath the murky waters of an ocean, with the ability to solve the problem of the constraints it was in.

Delving deeper it now appears that minions are a typeface in Adobe. Type face, not type of face – you can just imagine someone walking into a plastic surgeons office saying, minion face please!

It does however say in Wikipaedia (the source of all reliable global knowledge), that apparently all great comic people had minions. Marvels Minions. Maelstroms Minions. So it just shows that maybe I should have minions too, in fact maybe I already do!





Yes, I have a new theory. One that I might cling to even if it does sound crazy, because I’ve had a tough week and I need someone on my side and figure they may as well be cute. My Universal Minions are working on behalf of me to sort out what’s going on in the universe…


………..or maybe they are just cute.


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