Although I do not support war, I do humbly remember those who gave their lives in the pursuit of freedom. God rest their souls. Poppy. Steve. We will remember you.

Tailored Living Project

This is the poem I wrote in remembrance of the brave men in history. This is the first time I have shared this publicly so if you wish to share it please identify the source. To poppy and his forefathers…


Written by Tammy Pilton 25/04/05

The news spread like fire to every city and town,

That a battle was coming, so all gather round.

Come join the forces, as Australians you must,

Even those who have fear in God you must trust.

Mothers don’t fear and fathers have pride,

For these Soldiers Of Gold bravely march side by side.


For those who came willing excitement was strong,

For those who were scared, the journey too long.

As the shoreline drew close, their fate was sealed,

They had come the wrong way! Was the horror revealed.

As they row in closer, what is it they see?

But the…

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