True love…re sharing a post about my honey bear…I love him forever. Happy 5th anniversary Mr Omni-Awesome xxx

Tailored Living Project

Hello there to all my followers, subscribers and world.

Yes I know it’s been a while since I have sat down and written a real blog post straight from the heart. Honestly I have just been so swamped with real life I would just love it if I could down load an app that had the capability of downloading my thoughts and musings straight from my head into WordPress. Come on now, admit it…you bloggers out there are thinking the same thing aren’t you? It would be so easy if the stuff in my head just jumped out and sorted itself out. But ok…this is real life and I guess I had better just get on with it.

So today I feel the need to visit the topic of true love. The story books and movies depict true love as so many things but I really feel it has the…

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