Here we go everyone, another instalment of my future book. Just like the last post, read through and read to the end.

I breathe a deep sigh of relief. Not so much because I’ve been saved from some horrific fate, or because some terrible thing has been overted. I breathe a sigh of relief because its Sunday, and that commonly used term ‘day of rest’ is more that just the act of curling up with a good book, or a late breakfast with the newspaper.

I’m sitting here discreetly staring at her from across the table just breathing in her essence. I love her so completely and fully that its fulfilling just embracing her being both visually and spiritually. She is sitting there reading a feel good story in the newspaper and the corner of her mouth just lifts slightly as laughter dances in her eyes.

“I love Sunday mornings”, she muses. I smile and nod in agreement because I love Sunday mornings too. I love Sunday mornings because its the one day of the week where I get true rest from that which exhausts me the most – the woman sitting across from me. Yes she is still here with me, but for once she is at ease. Sundays signifies the day that all is at rest and she eases into Sundays with a hint of surrender and vulnerability that I don’t see during her everyday self. Sundays is like having someone completely different enter our space and I get a break from the highly strung, self critisising, self sabotaging woman that hides within her on Sundays.

So what does Sundays mean to you? How do you ground yourself or reconnect? Please don’t forget to join in the discussion below in the comments…and share on fb or twitter and see what your friends think Sunday means to them.

Catch you on the Awesome side!

Sunny 🙂


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