Ok so my post today is in a different format than usual, but I was in a kind of holiday funk and I had to get myself out of it. Read through to the end paying close attention to the content and possible meanings, then read the endnote down the bottom.

I stand there feeling frustrated and annoyed because she is procrastinating – again. I’m ready of course. Ready to go, do and be. I have everything sorted, planned and in place.

“Just a minute”, she calls as though she really means a sixty second minute. Pffft.

I just don’t understand why she needs a minute. She has been working towards this day her whole life. She knew it was coming even despite the little voice in the back of her head that kept telling her she wasn’t good enough. Even despite the fact that the little voice in her head is still saying these terrible things to her, causing her breath to hitch and her heart to race. Even still she knew this day was coming.

She screams out again, a little more panic in her voice that she is trying to hide with a softened and upbeat tone. “I’m just making myself look presentable, won’t be long now”. Again, another promise to be ready that we know has much deeper meaning than just appearances. Doesn’t she know how perfect she is? Doesn’t she know that she already shines like the sun and radiates her authentic essence? I guess not since I am still here waiting.

I hear a thud and crashing noise just beyond where I am, close to where she is ‘preparing’. “I’m alright. I just stumbled on some things. I’ll just put it all back into place and I’ll be ready”. There’s been stuff falling around her for a while now, yet she still seems to think this is a new occurrence? I guess she’s finding it hard to get out of there when there is things in her way. I will be patient although I find it terribly frustrating. I know that the preparation is essential but I had thought she would be more ready for this considering how excited she was just yesterday. Oh well, Murphy has been busy huh?

As I sit there double checking that I’ve held up my end of the deal, I hear the loudest bang I’ve every heard coupled with a pained scream. No she couldn’t have. As I look in towards her the realisation dawns on me that she has rushed straight into the wall. Not just that, she has also knocked herself out cold. I try to bring her round but there is just no response, it’s as if she has nothing left in her and she is in a place far from here. Ok, don’t panic, we can still be ready. I just have to find a way to bring her back, in a way that has her fired up to go………..

So what do you think this story is about? What does it reflect for the characters, and what does it make you question within yourself?

Comment on the actual blog post in the below section so we can share our thoughts and feedback. What do you think should happen next?

Catch you on the awesome side 😉

Sunny x

5 thoughts on “WAIT A MINUTE! I’M NOT READY?

  1. I saw myself in this piece. On the outside I have a job to do, but on the inside I feel like I need more time to improve myself. I don’t think we ever really make it – after all we live in a world of imperfection, and while its okay to strive for improvement – perfection is not a reality, as its not going to happen. We have to come to a point where we are happy living in the ‘work in progress’, and keep plodding along as though we are going to ‘get to perfection’, realising that just sometimes its all about the journey. you have to enjoy the journey. You have to accept your idiosyncrasies and make the decision to enjoy the journey despite not feeling ‘altogether’.

  2. I thought at first it was a true story. I thought it was either about an elderly woman or a teenage girl trying to maintain her independence. I’m curious now about who the characters are in the story.

    • It really came out of nowhere for me, but I think I will definitely continue the story. It has quite a depth of meaning which is getting even deeper still with the comments people are making. I’ve been questioning what book I want to write first but I think this will turn into a book…and the characters true identity will be revealed at he end…thanks for dropping by…glad you are back safe and sound – GPS next time? Love adventures!

  3. This is really clever and talented writing..makes me want to read more!! I felt the person telling the story was the same as the ‘character’……and I could identify with it as me telling myself I was all I needed to be, I was ready, all set to go….however another voice inside me was feeling the fear, procrastinating, making excuses, delaying and in the end sabotaging herself by ‘hitting the wall’ and being unable to fulfil her dream or achieve her goal. Loved it More please 🙂

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