Hey there from Down Under. And by that I mean not only Down Under in Australia, but down under the stars, the trees, the tent, the bugs, the star glittered sky, the bugs, the open air, the bugs. Did I mention bugs? It’s been a while since I have camped and I’ve lived on the Sunshine Coast nearer the beach for more than a couple of years now, so I forgot how many cheeky little bugs there are out where wildlife live so happily. Not that I’m being a sooky-la-la about it (okay maybe just a little), but they become a consideration in every activity! No bug in my cuppa – check. No bug in my bed – check. No bug in my shoes – check. Can you tell I’m a bit bug-phobic?

Miss Macca Moo surprised me this morning however with her non exsistant hissy fit when faced with a icky-sticky spider inside the tent. Usually we would almost have to get counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder for her after such an event (not even kidding as other parents of highly anxious kids can attest), but not this time. This time she (and her little friend who also stayed a night with us) just casually announced that ‘oh mum there’s a spider there, you might want to get rid of it. It kind of looks like a daddy long legs so yeah you want to get it out of the tent ok‘. Well I almost fell over! Who is this child? Since when did she become this fearless little bush-goer. It was shocking enough that she went through with her very first bush-wee a month or so ago on our way up a mountain – and away from ALL amenities – but now she is getting okay with Little Charlotte and her spidey-web? What The!???


She has taken this whole camping thing in her stride really, much to my husband and my disbelief. I do wonder if this is the start of my baby really growing up. The first night here around the campfire she was so involved in the setting up of the tent, the campfire and our supplies. She wanted a role in everything and was quite cross when I told her this new campsite wouldn’t require the solar outdoor shower. Mummy she says, I really wanted to have a shower outside, can’t we just still use it?. Then whilst sitting around the campfire she casually glances over to the bush and tells us hey look there is a bunny over there which my husband confirms to be completely true when he shines the flashlight. As we watch it scuttle? scurry? off to its little home we chat about the fact that spring marks the time when all the animals start having little babies of their own – which leads the children onto discussions about bunny hospitals and the like.

It was a lovely end to the evening after the children went to bed hubby and I chilled out with a cuppa and marvelled as we watched Mr Bandicoot (okay I don’t actually know if it was a he), explore the new surroundings amongst his home we had provided. He seemed rather at ease with us which gave him a kind of cuteness.

And what about my Little Miss Rebel? Well I’m not really sure how she is enjoying the camping. I think she likes it but I think if I had offered for us to go for a week in the city or a week watching the surfing comps she would have jumped and squealed at the chance. As much as she enjoys adventures and new things, she still loves the comforts of home and the business of home. This holiday will do her well though, she has been remarkably tired of late and her heart rate has become uncontrollably high. They found a leaky valve a few years back so soon she will be off seeing the paediatric cardiologist so we can keep her living her amazing life. Until then though she is living it up in her own way, and never once uses it as an excuse for anything – and is why I adore her so much.


So what has surprised you along the way with your children growing up?

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



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