Leaving the beach for the bush.

So today’s the day. Today is the day we head off the the great beyond (aka: away from the Sunshine Coast – yeah I know it doesn’t sound right to me either). Today we start our journey towards bugs, creepy crawlers, snakes, frogs, toads, spiders, leeches and whatever else Mother Nature has created to keep us on our toes or hanging from the roof. Today we voluntarily leave our warm cosy beds free from all of the above for air mattresses, dirt, trees (and tics heaven forbid), and yes the communal bathroom.

I should insert here though that we had planned and prepared for a camping site that required us to have a solar shower and we had spent a lot of time preparing Little Miss Moo for this. However when I checked videos online this morning I noticed there was a military practice range next door!!!, so ummm yeah no thanks we won’t be staying there. Good job I found somewhere else quite nice. I said to the guy that no a powered site was not necessary as long as we could have a fire, and flushing toilets we would be just fine – winning…booked!

Did you notice I said voluntary??? Yep. We have signed up for this and are all looking forward to bush walks and hikes, picnics overlooking the ranges, visits to cosy little coffee shops a short drive away, roasted marshmallows at night, board games with the kids and lots of peace and quiet. But the thing I am looking forward to most of all is connecting. Connecting with my friends and family during our trip, connecting with my husband, connecting with my kids….and connecting with myself.

Yes I’m feeling a little disconnected from myself. With so much going on, so much to achieve and strive for, so much attention to others, and so little attention to my own inner struggles and journey. It’s not that I want to connect with my struggle in the whiny spooky la la way many people do. I want to connect with my inner struggle so I can explore it, make peace with it, become friends with it and grow from it. That type of connection can be very difficult to have when you are endlessly connected to everyone else’s struggles and all the blue noise that engulfs each day. So I need this time. I need it to stay authentic, I need it to stay sane (in my own crazy way). I need it to work through some very tough issues that have been simmering very quietly – but remain present.

I’m not sure how I will do this but I expect that it will involve a fair bit of meditation, writing, reading and maybe a few slow runs. I might even throw in a few videos, so hook into my facebook page My Infinite Balance and stay up to date.

So here is a question for you all…how do you reconnect to yourself and the special people in your lives, when life becomes overwhelmingly hectic? Share this blogpost with your take on it and see what your followers come up with too.

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



2 thoughts on “DID YOU PACK THE THONGS?

  1. I run. I love that feeling when its just me. Me and the world is still asleep. I love knowing that I get to experience this little moment by myself. Listening to the pounding of my feet on the pavement and the sound of my breathing – its my own little meditation.

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