I do love inspirational pictures and quotes, but even more I love when I feel inspired by the life I am leading. I believe that we must inspire ourselves before we can truly inspire others.

What inspires you about your life?



Hey there from Down Under. And by that I mean not only Down Under in Australia, but down under the stars, the trees, the tent, the bugs, the star glittered sky, the bugs, the open air, the bugs. Did I mention bugs? It’s been a while since I have camped and I’ve lived on the Sunshine Coast nearer the beach for more than a couple of years now, so I forgot how many cheeky little bugs there are out where wildlife live so happily. Not that I’m being a sooky-la-la about it (okay maybe just a little), but they become a consideration in every activity! No bug in my cuppa – check. No bug in my bed – check. No bug in my shoes – check. Can you tell I’m a bit bug-phobic?

Miss Macca Moo surprised me this morning however with her non exsistant hissy fit when faced with a icky-sticky spider inside the tent. Usually we would almost have to get counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder for her after such an event (not even kidding as other parents of highly anxious kids can attest), but not this time. This time she (and her little friend who also stayed a night with us) just casually announced that ‘oh mum there’s a spider there, you might want to get rid of it. It kind of looks like a daddy long legs so yeah you want to get it out of the tent ok‘. Well I almost fell over! Who is this child? Since when did she become this fearless little bush-goer. It was shocking enough that she went through with her very first bush-wee a month or so ago on our way up a mountain – and away from ALL amenities – but now she is getting okay with Little Charlotte and her spidey-web? What The!???


She has taken this whole camping thing in her stride really, much to my husband and my disbelief. I do wonder if this is the start of my baby really growing up. The first night here around the campfire she was so involved in the setting up of the tent, the campfire and our supplies. She wanted a role in everything and was quite cross when I told her this new campsite wouldn’t require the solar outdoor shower. Mummy she says, I really wanted to have a shower outside, can’t we just still use it?. Then whilst sitting around the campfire she casually glances over to the bush and tells us hey look there is a bunny over there which my husband confirms to be completely true when he shines the flashlight. As we watch it scuttle? scurry? off to its little home we chat about the fact that spring marks the time when all the animals start having little babies of their own – which leads the children onto discussions about bunny hospitals and the like.

It was a lovely end to the evening after the children went to bed hubby and I chilled out with a cuppa and marvelled as we watched Mr Bandicoot (okay I don’t actually know if it was a he), explore the new surroundings amongst his home we had provided. He seemed rather at ease with us which gave him a kind of cuteness.

And what about my Little Miss Rebel? Well I’m not really sure how she is enjoying the camping. I think she likes it but I think if I had offered for us to go for a week in the city or a week watching the surfing comps she would have jumped and squealed at the chance. As much as she enjoys adventures and new things, she still loves the comforts of home and the business of home. This holiday will do her well though, she has been remarkably tired of late and her heart rate has become uncontrollably high. They found a leaky valve a few years back so soon she will be off seeing the paediatric cardiologist so we can keep her living her amazing life. Until then though she is living it up in her own way, and never once uses it as an excuse for anything – and is why I adore her so much.


So what has surprised you along the way with your children growing up?

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


Musings From a Recovering People Pleaser


This one is certainly one that should be read and considered. I can certainly relate to this one.

for the love of hope

For those of you who don’t know, I’m what they call a “people pleaser” at the core of my nature. I spend way too much of my time and energy thinking about how to make people happy even if it makes me sad; if I absolutely have to say “no” to people, I spend heaps of hours mulling over their hurt feelings and searching my heart for how I can make things better.

I used to think this “people pleasing problem” was really not a problem at all. I mean c’mon, I’m TOO NICE?! I want people to be happy. I want people to like me. What’s the big deal?

However, over the last few years I’ve learned how this is indeed a big deal. It’s exhausting and self-deprecating. I try to take care of other people and be all selfless, and really I only end up hurting myself and…

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Why are Young People Unhappy?


Very interesting read…had to share it.

Benjamin Studebaker

I’ve noticed an interesting article floating around the internet. The piece, entitled “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy” sees rampant narcissism and self-entitlement as the source of young people’s unhappiness. Does it have a case? Let’s take a look.

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Holidays. Yep – “sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?” It was a delayed start, but I am really not that surprised, after all we do have two very gorgeous but very unorganised daughters with OCD. Getting out of the house is rarely a smooth transition. Couple that with an OCD mother and a totally mellowed-out father, and well lets just say that our friends now tell us a time half to one hour before the actual time of any event! I just love it how best friends just know. I promise it is very rarely just one of us, but lets not get started on how long it takes my husband to thread fishing line….



So off we went – finally – and arrived at my cousins house (also my BESTIES) with kids, dog and 4WD stacked up like the Griswold Family in National Lampoons Family Vacation. Painful for us – hilarious for my cousins who are the camping experts! Needless to say I was just glad that we were finally on holiday, and ecstatic that I would get to spend some time with some very special people in our lives. Barb and I raised our girls together as single mums, she supported me (along with hubby and mum) in the birth of Mac, and we have found love again at similar times. Not to mention we have lived it up quite well together too in our day – we drank together, smoked together, cried together, fought together, and even though we live miles apart now we know that means absolutely nothing and we are as close as ever. Chris is the proverbial thorny devil in my side, but darn do I love my cousin to bits. He and my husband are really quite close mates, and we couldn’t live without him in our lives despite how much he stirs me. I know he would always have my back at the mere suggestion of it. And now we get to spend two days with them!

Back in the day (ok only just a few years ago) we would get together on weekends, have dinner or nibbles, have a few drinks – – – – – and bang out some SINGSTAR! Yes I admit it. I am totally in love with singstar. I love music, especially belting out some tunes with my friends over a few drinks, having flashbacks from all the best music…usually 70’s and 80’s whilst our kids roll their eyes and figure if you cant make them stop – join them…HA! So of course a catchup wouldn’t be complete without a night of singstar.
When you think about it, music does surround every significant event in life. You remember the songs that were playing for your first kiss, your 18/21 birthday, your wedding, the songs you sang to your baby when they were young (come on you have to admit you sang more than just nursery rhymes to them). So I say “thank you for the music, the songs we’re singing. Thanks for all, the joy their bringing”.

Not only that but it’s a royal hoot too. Nothing is funnier than seeing two 50-something men groovin and moovin to Madonnas Material Girl and just about getting “singstar” title on it (Im still awaiting approval to upload the picture evidence). Then you have the three women of similar youthful *ahem* age reliving our teen years singing – sorry rapping – Ice Ice Baby, well weren’t our teenage daughters surprised by our sheer awesomeness. Not as surprised however as some people would be that they love all the same songs and are quite proficient at them too. They were surprised however that most of the world was quite unaware for a long time that WHAM’s George Michael was gay, they said “mum how could you NOT have known? Look at his hair and clothes!” It was then that we had to come clean that it was in fact the fashion and we all (except for the new romantics of course) dressed that way. Oh I can feel the grey hairs sprouting as I type.
Its amazing how other people can open our eyes to music and different artists at different times in our lives. My husband introduced me to Blondie and Pat Benetar, and now our children love to hear them and have themselves discovered vinyls.

Well that is me for the time being. I have a lot of blogging to catch up on but stay tuned – I have been uploading some video footage/messages too on my Facebook page. Head over and like my page and stay up to date

After all the Plucks are camping – never know what could happen!

What are your favourite tunes from “back in the day”?

Everybody Be Awesome!





Leaving the beach for the bush.

So today’s the day. Today is the day we head off the the great beyond (aka: away from the Sunshine Coast – yeah I know it doesn’t sound right to me either). Today we start our journey towards bugs, creepy crawlers, snakes, frogs, toads, spiders, leeches and whatever else Mother Nature has created to keep us on our toes or hanging from the roof. Today we voluntarily leave our warm cosy beds free from all of the above for air mattresses, dirt, trees (and tics heaven forbid), and yes the communal bathroom.

I should insert here though that we had planned and prepared for a camping site that required us to have a solar shower and we had spent a lot of time preparing Little Miss Moo for this. However when I checked videos online this morning I noticed there was a military practice range next door!!!, so ummm yeah no thanks we won’t be staying there. Good job I found somewhere else quite nice. I said to the guy that no a powered site was not necessary as long as we could have a fire, and flushing toilets we would be just fine – winning…booked!

Did you notice I said voluntary??? Yep. We have signed up for this and are all looking forward to bush walks and hikes, picnics overlooking the ranges, visits to cosy little coffee shops a short drive away, roasted marshmallows at night, board games with the kids and lots of peace and quiet. But the thing I am looking forward to most of all is connecting. Connecting with my friends and family during our trip, connecting with my husband, connecting with my kids….and connecting with myself.

Yes I’m feeling a little disconnected from myself. With so much going on, so much to achieve and strive for, so much attention to others, and so little attention to my own inner struggles and journey. It’s not that I want to connect with my struggle in the whiny spooky la la way many people do. I want to connect with my inner struggle so I can explore it, make peace with it, become friends with it and grow from it. That type of connection can be very difficult to have when you are endlessly connected to everyone else’s struggles and all the blue noise that engulfs each day. So I need this time. I need it to stay authentic, I need it to stay sane (in my own crazy way). I need it to work through some very tough issues that have been simmering very quietly – but remain present.

I’m not sure how I will do this but I expect that it will involve a fair bit of meditation, writing, reading and maybe a few slow runs. I might even throw in a few videos, so hook into my facebook page My Infinite Balance and stay up to date.

So here is a question for you all…how do you reconnect to yourself and the special people in your lives, when life becomes overwhelmingly hectic? Share this blogpost with your take on it and see what your followers come up with too.

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




I have been promising lots of people this recipe for a while now and here it is!!!


I have been so busy of late with those ‘Top Secret’ exciting things that are almost ready to be revealed, that my uploading of recipes have been lost down the rabbit hole for a while. Never fear however because last weekend I met the lovely Bridget from New Leaf Nutrition and she spurred me on to getting this all happening. I have been working through a few texture issues with this recipe and my children have been gladly volunteering as guinea pigs and I really feel I have a good mix now.



* 2 cups organic almond meal
* 1 cup organic cacao
* 4 Tbspn organic raw honey
* 4 Tbspn organic cold pressed coconut oil

1. Mix the dry ingredients together thoroughly to ensure an even flavour.
2. Mix in the moist ingredients thoroughly to ensure base has correct consistency.
3. Press mixture into non stick mini muffin tin (24 mini muffins).
4. Place in freezer until filling is ready.


* 1 large organic banana
* 1 large organic avocado
* 2 Tbspn organic raw honey
* 1/4 Tspn pink Himalayan salt
* 1/4 cup organic cacao

1. Blend the banana and avocado until silky smooth.
2. Mix in the honey.
3. Mix in the salt, ensuring that it has been finely ground prior to adding.
4. Blend in the cacao, again ensuring that it is thoroughly mixed in.

{ For delicious variations to this filling you can flavour it with either minimal drops of edible oils such as doTerra and get mint, orange etc, or mix in some organic blended strawberries, add some blended dates, add some chopped nuts, or as the picture shows add some edible lavender. If the chocolate taste is too strong you can also either cut down the cacao and replace with equal amount of coconut, or add 2Tbspn of almond/rice milk to the filling mix }


1. Spoon the filling into the bases.
2. Refrigerate.
3. Loosen from muffin pan with a fine knife or skewer and lever out as they are reasonably delicate.
4. Keep refrigerated or freeze.

I no longer concern myself with calories because I find it counterproductive, I am more interested in eating foods that are nourishing for the body (and since this is chocolate I think it is nourishing for the soul too!). However I understand that for some of you it is important, so each little tart is approximately 145 calories.

I do hope you enjoy these little naked tarts (naughty) and all the nourishing goodness they each bring. Please feel free to share with me your flavour variations.

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!