I have learnt something very interesting this week. It relates to listening.

Now everyone knows that I love a good chat, and frankly so do most of my friends which of course is why we are friends! We loooove to talk. I mean looooove looooove looove to talk, in fact we love to all talk so much that not only do we end up being the last to leave any event, but the whole reason we started The Friday Sesh was so that we could talk more! HA!


Back to case in point – I learned about listening. Listening is “being there” in the moment, with the person or activity. Im afraid I am not always good at this. It appears my brain likes to rush faster than my mouth can keep up with (yes it appears impossible but alas it isnt). Which means that sometimes I can miss things I shouldnt miss, but it also mea…ns that I invest myself far too much in the little details that can drain me. So I have been working very hard – note work in progress not work finished lol – at listening. And I have come to a conclusion. Listening is kinda cool. Why?
*It helps you keep your cool and your head.
*It allows for greater understanding and self reflection rather than reactions
*It helps you feel more in control – regardless of what is being said
*It makes the other person feel special and valued
*It makes sense!
I think we are all guilty of not listening. But some tips are
*Focus on the persons face (not their mouth or you will start mouthing the words they are saying and seriously thats weird!)
*Repeat back snippets that are important in breaks in the conversation so they feel heard
*Do what you need to do before you start talking so that you can focus solely on the other person.
*Learn to get comfortable with silence – or this is what will cause you to ramble and the slightest cricket chirp.

What are your thoughts on listening everyone?


3 thoughts on “LISTEN HEAR

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