Hi everyone.

Breast cancer? Horrid thing. Actually any cancer is a horrid thing really.

When I first graduated uni, my first job and first year out I was a palliative nurse. Not by a huge play of choice, but that was the closest grad program to home and since the doctor had had only just found cancer on my cervix I figured close to home was probably a good idea. And whilst it was a tough, heartbreaking and confronting job, I wouldnt change it for the world.

As a palliative nurse I nurse people of many ages dying from many different things, but significantly they died from cancer and treatment related causes. And it was sad. Terribly sad. In palliative care nursing you will support these beautiful people (and we are all beautiful people) in their last moments, and you will support the families and friends of these people as they say their last goodbyes. Children saying goodbye to their dying parent has got to be the worst thing I have ever seen in my life – and the most heartwrenching.

So why am I talking about cancer? Well its because on June 29th (Australian time), I am walking (along with many others) in the “Walk 4 Breast Cancer” walk from Coolum Beach to Noosa. Whilst many who know me understand that I am really not an advocate for all things conventional when it comes to cancer treatment – please understand that I am totally pro-choice. Pro-choice for whatever is right for the individual despite what I think or believe. And this is a great way to demonstrate this in a positive way and show my support for those battling with the Big C.

So please if you are able – support the “Blue Boobs” in this walk and donate.


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