Sharing again for those who werent around when I first posted this. Yummy yummy yummy! Get cooking!

What is your favourite “healthy” treat?



I have learnt something very interesting this week. It relates to listening.

Now everyone knows that I love a good chat, and frankly so do most of my friends which of course is why we are friends! We loooove to talk. I mean looooove looooove looove to talk, in fact we love to all talk so much that not only do we end up being the last to leave any event, but the whole reason we started The Friday Sesh was so that we could talk more! HA!


Back to case in point – I learned about listening. Listening is “being there” in the moment, with the person or activity. Im afraid I am not always good at this. It appears my brain likes to rush faster than my mouth can keep up with (yes it appears impossible but alas it isnt). Which means that sometimes I can miss things I shouldnt miss, but it also mea…ns that I invest myself far too much in the little details that can drain me. So I have been working very hard – note work in progress not work finished lol – at listening. And I have come to a conclusion. Listening is kinda cool. Why?
*It helps you keep your cool and your head.
*It allows for greater understanding and self reflection rather than reactions
*It helps you feel more in control – regardless of what is being said
*It makes the other person feel special and valued
*It makes sense!
I think we are all guilty of not listening. But some tips are
*Focus on the persons face (not their mouth or you will start mouthing the words they are saying and seriously thats weird!)
*Repeat back snippets that are important in breaks in the conversation so they feel heard
*Do what you need to do before you start talking so that you can focus solely on the other person.
*Learn to get comfortable with silence – or this is what will cause you to ramble and the slightest cricket chirp.

What are your thoughts on listening everyone?


Hi everyone.

Breast cancer? Horrid thing. Actually any cancer is a horrid thing really.

When I first graduated uni, my first job and first year out I was a palliative nurse. Not by a huge play of choice, but that was the closest grad program to home and since the doctor had had only just found cancer on my cervix I figured close to home was probably a good idea. And whilst it was a tough, heartbreaking and confronting job, I wouldnt change it for the world.

As a palliative nurse I nurse people of many ages dying from many different things, but significantly they died from cancer and treatment related causes. And it was sad. Terribly sad. In palliative care nursing you will support these beautiful people (and we are all beautiful people) in their last moments, and you will support the families and friends of these people as they say their last goodbyes. Children saying goodbye to their dying parent has got to be the worst thing I have ever seen in my life – and the most heartwrenching.

So why am I talking about cancer? Well its because on June 29th (Australian time), I am walking (along with many others) in the “Walk 4 Breast Cancer” walk from Coolum Beach to Noosa. Whilst many who know me understand that I am really not an advocate for all things conventional when it comes to cancer treatment – please understand that I am totally pro-choice. Pro-choice for whatever is right for the individual despite what I think or believe. And this is a great way to demonstrate this in a positive way and show my support for those battling with the Big C.

So please if you are able – support the “Blue Boobs” in this walk and donate.



I totally love Sheldon from Bing Bang Theory and really its probably because of his likeness to us as q family and as individuals! You see we are all OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and get a bit anal about certain things. We probably aren’t quitebas extreme as Sheldon…yet…but give us another few years. But boy is this guy an absolute crack up! What shows make you laugh so hard because they are just “wet your.pants” funny? And why? Press this post and add your own if you have a favourite comedy

Daily Prompt: Take Care


Daily Prompt: Take Care.

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

Hmmm…good question. I’m blessed that my days of being sick, catching colds or sniffling my way through winter are far and very few between. One school of thought say that it is because I am a nurse and have developed the immune system of an ox (not that I am an expert on the functioning of an Ox’s immune system – really!). Another school of thought is that its a direct reflection of where I live – on the coast near the beach – Australias beaches are just devine! Yet another school of thought is that it is due to me eating more spinach than the average Popeye-the-Sailor-Man. But really I think it is a mixture of all of the above. But there I do – leading you all down the garden path that is my mind!

On the rare occassion that I am sick, I do let people look after me. But I am selective in that. For instance I will let my husband do anything for me (ok except fold the washing because lets face it – I am the ONLY one that can do it right – so if I am sick the washing is in the basket kids…HA!) I will let my girls do little jobs around the house, but thats the status quo anyway with the recent enforcement of chores – WINNING! And of course I will let them hug me, kiss me and pray for me until the cows come home. My mamma bear gets the obvious pleasure too of looking after me if she is nearby (now a 2hr drive away BOO!). But no one else. I have real trouble letting other people help or look after me or accepting offered help. But I will readily go help another sick person. Yes I know the whole accepting a gift speak but I feel a burden – probably comes from the many years I spent really sick.

Mostly though I soldier on. The house doesnt clean itself. My responsibilities dont go on holiday. My children dont go on auto pilot. So sometimes all there is to do is to take a spoonful of concrete and harden the * up. Yeah I said it. Sometimes you have to get out of your own way and end the pity party in boo-hoo-me street. Most of the time you feel better for having done the big girl pants dance anyway.

What would it take for me to ask for help? Well that would be if me being sick impacted on other people that relied on me for something – period – thats it. Now lets hope talking about all this illness doesnt summon the wrath of the bug fairies. A little affirmation to close maybe?


Everybody Be Well and AWEOSME!!!



Hello there,

I know. Its been a long time since I have posted regularly, but seriously this life stuff truly does get in the way of my writing time *giggle*. Although I feel totally overwhelmed about all the EPIC stuff that has been going on in my life of late, I am really quite excited too. Everyone says “If someone had told me years ago that I…” but really If someone had told me years ago that I would be dreaming, daring, doing what I am embarking on at this moment I would have tossed them a few valium to settle their obviously traumatised nerves!

I never used to dream about much. Not because I didnt have a wish for an amazing life – but because little insignificant me thought that I was either selfish or unworthy of such a life. My mother was and is an amazing mother, but as the youngest of three and the second daughter I kinda had my own thunder stolen by my very over the top sister. She was the first daughter, granddaughter and niece and thus got all the attention and praise. She could do no wrong despite her rebel ways. Dont get me wrong. I was loved, very very loved. But my mum was everyones mum and she was so down to earth I didnt feel the pull to dream big. Boy has times changed. My dream now is to work towards changing theway that health care is structured and delivered in Australia! Wow…big huh?


I  never would have dared either. I was never a daring child, nor a daring adult. Safe. Yes that is exactly how I would have described myself up until a few years ago. Safe. Comfort zone. Predictability. Now however I would call my younger self a great big fraidy cat with no big girl pants! Now though I feel like I lead a daring life. Sure enough that daring life has landed me with a few injuries (ahem…fractured spine…ahem – who? what? dont know what you’re talking about lol), but it has taken me to amazing places. I moved to the Sunshine Coast – away from my friends and family. I completed my first triathlon and 10km run. I changed my health and thus my life. I climb mountains. I try a gazillion new things.

Then we come to doing. This is probably what I am most excited about. I am doing. I am doing some pretty awesome (although completely terrifying) stuff. My career as a nurse is taking me to places I really didnt have the gusto to dream about. I am implementing some real and significant change in areas of healthcare, and although I get some challengers and some naysayers (really all that is, is a thumbs up that I am headed in the right direction), it is becoming very exciting and I cannot wait to share it all with you. When it goes to media then I can share that with you.

Now tell me about what you are DREAMING DARING DOING? I love hearing about you all and your adventures – check in and bring me up to date on your adventures too 🙂

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


Know Your Dark Side

We all get tied up and held down by our to do lists, and our endless mountains of goals. Its ok though to let that go for a while and give yourself a time out to reflect on and nourish ourselves. We were always meant to follow our heart (of course not fogetting about our brain once in a while too)…because that is where our passions lie. Our heart and soul need just as much attention as any other part of ourselves.

Check out this blog post by “Read My Fingers – Tales of a Wannabe Counselor” – she is an excellent writer with such amazing insight. Worth the read and certainly worth keeping an eye on 🙂


Know Your Dark Side.