I learnt a lesson today. You can’t put your children in a box. And apart from the literal meaning having an outcome involving a long prison sentence -because no I don’t actually mean a real life box silly!!! I mean you can’t ever think your child is set in their ways…they are far more flexible and fluid than us adults. Because if you do they will almost certainly prove you wrong.

Case in point: Miss 6 is quite adventurous but when it comes to new experiences she is a bit of a stick in the mud and very hesitant and easily spoiled – WRONG!!! Little Miss 6 decided to live outside her comfort zone today and climbed the rock wall at Anaconda (never done this before), and had a blast!!! She didn’t want to get off!!!

So lesson learnt…just when you think you have figured your kids out….they go and prove you wrong in the most beautiful ways. Everybody Be Your Own Style of AWESOME!!! TAM 🙂

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