I watched a video on YouTube the other day and was so moved by the plain and simple truthfulness in it that I found that I had a few stray tears tickling my cheeks. Its not often that one comes across something so profound that it leaves you speechless on the outside but bursting with *aha’s* on the inside. My husband could barely believe that their was such a *thing* as speechless when found in the same sentence as my name. HA! That will show him!

So why did this movie have such a profound impact? It had such an impact because it spoke right into my soul, and directly to the centre of my being – the part of me that is undeniably passionate about people living and experiencing a life of awesome, and that is equally as rare as many of us search for wealth, health, stuff, fluff, the “in” crowd, perfect lives blah blah blah.


It was a commencement speech given by an Author called David Foster Wallace, to a group of Kenyon students in 2005. You could certainly believe he was talking to any one of us really and it is filled with realities and challenges that you would expect from a greying 90-something year old elder not someone so young.

Basically it talks about the fact that we all run on a natural default setting and automatic thought settings but that we have real freedom at our fingertips – which comes when we understand how to think for ourselves and create or embrace real awareness. And this awareness really is the key to a real education, not swallowing what society or our “natural default” tells or guides us to do, think, be. Even though some days we wake thinking that it really is all too hard, and life really is all too unfair…we are ultimately in possession of real freedom – we choose what to think and what not to think.

I urge you all to watch the above clip and share this blog post around for the benefit of others seeing this clip.

What are your thoughts on Davids profound words? What impact did it have on the way you view your own thoughts and your own freedom?

Go and Be AWESOME!!!


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