Once upon a time we thought that superhero games, superhero fantasies and superhero ideations were just for the young. Once upon a time invinsibility was reserved for the young, and for those late teen / early twenties crowd. However once upon a time I used to think that Superman in any form wasn’t stupid or brain-dead – I guess I was wrong…

Alternative versions of Superman

Superman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was watching Ahkmal the other day and he was talking about how he used to feel so invinsible when he was a youngster, and it got me to thinking about my own powers of invinsibility.  I remember in my early years (and I am talking about the age of 8/9 years of age), we used to bounce out of bed with little to no prompting from my parents, dress and eat breakfast, before bounding out the door for the day. The only stipulation was that we behave (or they will tan our hides – shudder ow), and that we were to be home for dinner. They had no clear idea where we were, they had no idea whether we had taken a good lunch or enough water, they had no idea whether we had sun protection. I even got myself to school each morning after mum had done our lunches.  Now they were not bad parents, this was just how things were done when I was a kid. I had some amazing times and was far more self sufficient than some of the kids are these days (oh gosh I sound old).

Goodness me! My eldest is now heading into her 13th year and there is no way on Gods green earth she would even dream of that. At 8/9 I was still escorting her into the bathroom of public toilets to ensure she would be okay. At that age I was still walking her into her classroom. I shudder at the thought of her heading out the door to chill on her own with no parental supervision. Its not that I don’t trust her because frankly, she is a totally mature lass for her age and a real thinker, but I don’t trust everybody else. Not one day goes by that I am not reminded of Daniel Morcombe and his family endured. Not one day goes by that I don’t worry that she may fall victim to some smooth talking person, or the pressure from her peers. Totally unwarranted of course because she goes more against the grain than with it and doesn’t mind that she views things differently to her peers.

Don’t even get me started on my teen years – it is scary to think of what teenagers get up to nowadays (okay someone pass me my grey-away)! I remember going out driving with the older teenagers with licences and hanging out at the beach til 3am, I remember stopping at Hungry Jacks on the way back from the Gold Coast, and above all else I remember how stupidly naive I was about the fact that I was not what one calls invinsible. That didnt stop me from driving in the car with an older boy and our friends down a winding remote road with no street lights with our headlights turned off, with the only guiding light being a light post light a km or so away. I know I know…I have given myself the lecture many times since then – hindsight is far better huh.

What worries me about my own children is that they wont get to experience just a little of this invinsibility factor unless I encourage it a little.  Today my kids cant play without the constant thought of predators in the world. My kids have too much homework that needs to be done that eats into their leisure time with their parents.  We have to monitor so much more now including the television, social media etc and me being me am far more strict than other parents in our crowd – but I am totally ok with that.

But then you have the adult invinsibility. The kind that you shake your head at. The kind that you tsk tsk tsk at. The type that makes your mother ears spike. Yes folks its the eternal 40 year old teenager. Another thing that got me thinking on this topic was the “special” behaviour of these mid life crisis morons that put others at risk. We witnessed this at the beach on Sunday as multiple flash rips tore through one of the safest bits of coast on the Sunshine Coast. All up there were about 14 lifeguards coralling everyone between the narrowly placed flags and urging them to not go beyond their waist to avoid further rescues. Most of these lifeguards were mere babies themselves, so young and apparently fair game for the irrationality of the mid life morons. Despite these young ones asking nicely for these men to respect their requests, they ran past and dove out under wave after wave – until they got stuck! Yes they swam and swam and swam, with little to no gain toward the shoreline. And yes they had to be rescued, along with the young ones who had copied these mid life morons and went out too.

Mooloolaba Beach

Mooloolaba Beach (Photo credit: Wilson Loo)

It boils my blood to think that they couldn’t recognise that they weren’t in fact invinsible. My friend joked (I think? lol) that a law should be passed allowing life guards the right to b***chslap these morons. I kind of agree. So just a word of warning to anyone else who thinks they can jump off buildings, fly into space with only a prissy little cape, or has powers of great strength – dont swim when you are told not to because everyone will find out that man and moron doesnt mean the same thing!


  1. Good one Tammy. Age does not equal maturity, some people are just plain stupid no matter what their age. It is a shame that the children of today miss out on so much purely because parents are forced to be so vigilant.

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