This is my mantra today. Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better…the sun will come out – tomorrow – so you gotta hang in til tomorrow…Ok enough Annie rendition. I have this issue with grinding my teeth, and this is terrible because you end up with cracked teeth. Some chiropractic fixed this however until I fell at work last year and the grinding when asleep started again. This in turn cracked my back molars so badly the nerves were exposed and giving me excrutiating pain. Not saveable so extraction x 2. Ouch!!! I was nervous but the dentist was great. But apparently my teeth are as stubborn and strong as I am and the buggered wouldn’t come out without a fight. Almost 2hrs, a very tired dentist and a depleted anesthetic supply later it was done. Turns out though because of the size of the roots and the fact that the roots invaded my sinus cavity (apparently can now lead to needing surgery), meant that he considers this a major surgical procedure and extreme care is required. What it also means is that it leave a work full of pain behind that nothing touches the side of. So yes. Today I am AWESOMELESS but…tomorrow, tommorow… Everybody Be AWESOME (and send some this way)!!! TAM 🙂


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