Wow!!! I am really busting with excitement. If it werent for the two fractures in my spine I can tell you that I would be “woo hoo” ing and bouncing all over the couch like an overactive 3yo at Christmas!!! But for now I will have to settle for a bit of sedate whispering of “yeeehaaaa” because of it…and well it is 1am where I am and I am sure my young children are not going to like being woken up.



Now you all know what a terrible start to the year has been rough with two injuries and well…life. Today the tables have turned. I got to go back to work…yay! And then I got a timely call regarding some health and fitness courses that sounds like will be cheaper (due to a degree already) and highly beneficial. I also managed to sign up to a web hoster for my new website!!! Yay me!!! It isnt live yet because there is a weeks worth of developing and implementing to be done and I kinda want to do a “thing” to go live – including a give away so share, like, follow etc to get more people in our little cluster of stars! Especially on the Sunshine Coast as I am organising some “happy happy joy joy” events in the next few months.

So I have come to the conclusion that what is meant to be is meant to be as without this injury I would never have gotten this far this soon.

Thankyou all for being on this awesome journey with me and I hope to continue with you all by my side. Oh and if you would like to guest blog on here this year please email me something that you think is uniquely you but will speak to my followers – because its all about sharing! (myinfinitebalance@live.com.au)


Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




  1. Sounds so exciting, its all falling into place for you. Can’t wait to catch up again soon and find out more about the ‘happy happy joy joy’ events 🙂

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