Oh dear!!! I bought a dress - with a frill!

Oh dear!!! I bought a dress – with a frill!

Lucky for my friend Sarah – she drove me to pick up a dress. It was chosen by the gaggle of girls I had in tow – my two girls and her three girls (not forgetting wee Mr J in the pram they also pushed around for me). Which was awesome because I certainly would not have picked a dress like this, so it was kinda like having miniature personal shoppers carrying my stuff for me and giving me fashionista advice – and good for my fellow mummy Sarah because she got to have an entire hair cut in peace for the first time in a while. Now I didnt have to wear the workout gear that seems to only grace my drawers these days.

Why is this lucky? Because on Friday I attended Rachael Berminghams Saavy Luncheon with her and my sister-in-law. I knew it was a stretch considering I had two fractures in my lower spine from Sundays frollicks – but I wasnt about to give up on something that I had already booked, paid for, and knew I needed to be at. It appears that the two women I went with had forces working against them too as one had been unwell and the other had a last minute vomitting child. So if I had to stand for a while then that is what I would do, I managed it for a staff meeting the day before so I could do it again. Frankly, being stuck in the house layed up doing nothing was doing my head in, and I could recognise the need to avert a potentially catastrophic crazy episode ha ha.

Rachael Bermingham – a mother, author, publisher, mentor, public speaker, and all round phenominal woman. She is the author of the 4 Ingredients book, the Savvy book, and many others. Read about her here:!/RachaelBermingham.LIVE?fref=ts

I own and have read her Savvy book and it has been instrumental in giving me the boost not only to push into my goals further, but to question them, think about them, throw them around a bit and question them some more. Not just that, but to start planning and implementing for these goals.

I went to this luncheon however to get a bit of a jumpstart back to what I had become sidetracked from. The goals I know are big, but ones that I am passionate about. What I recieved was more than I had expected. I had a wonderful day with like minded women drinking yummy wine, and eating totally delish food at The 4th Floor Restaurant in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast .  I networked, made new friends, but mostly I came out of this luncheon feeling much more fired up about actually nailing my goals and felt it gave me a decent kick in the pants I needed. I was able to finally give up the ghost on feeling guilty about decluttering my life in terms of friendships, relationships, and time wasting activities. It made me feel more at ease about chasing after my goals regarding further education and building my own business, not to mention tackling the few books I have outlines for that I want to write – but have not commited to.

My friend and my sister in law x

My friend and my sister in law x

I was blessed to attend this luncheon with two other amazing women I care about and I know that they both got a great deal out of this time with Rachael too. And meeting Rachael was like meeting a firecracker of a woman with the tenacity that we sometimes smother with our everyday hangups.


My amazing sister in law is one of my mentors even though she probably doesnt really understand why. But she is smart, switched on, emotionally intelligent and savvy in her own right and I know that her and I tend to think on the same page. I am sure that all three of us will have many more catchups that are equally as motivating in the near future.


What an exciting time this year is going to be for me and my family. What a confronting year this will be for my clutter. I am sure not all of my decluttering will enthuse everyone, but it is neccessary to be surrounded by what you want to become, not what you dont want to become. Like attracts like and all that jazz.

Thankyou Rachael for your contribution to my “YEAR OF AWESOME”.

Random quote pulled out of a box by me at the function:

“To start a business you need an idea that not only excites you, but also excites at least 80% of the market – then you’ll have the foundation for not just a business but an empire” – Rachael Bermingham.

Oh how true. And how fitting for where my head was at. And how exciting!


Everybody Be AWEOSME!!!



6 thoughts on “BEING SAVVY

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  2. I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for being my friend through some of the toughest times I have ever been through, thank you enough for telling me the truth when I needed to hear it, thank you enough for being the inspiration I needed to make some HUGE changes in my life.


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