Last year I made a commitment to do a “peak a week”. Well most of the time anyhow. Since then though I have been having a little trouble with the whole staying vertical thing and cant help but to face plant at every turn…literally. So with all the injuries I have had it has put a little dampener not only on my training schedule, but my vision to do a Peak a Week in my down time.

I love climbing mountains, no matter how big or how small. And whilst the big ones are a huge struggle, they also tend to push you further than what you would have pushed yourself on flat land, and leave you with a huge sense of accomplishment. In turn you also get the priveledge of stunning views, crisp and fresh mountain air, and because of where I live I also get the most amazing views of the entire coastline. Kind of feels a little like a slice of blissful heaven in under an hour. It can be as challenging as you make it also and as a family it brings you closer as you help each other navigate over boulders, tree roots and dusty pebbles. You watch out for each other – which I truly believe is currently lacking in society these days. There is a kind of comradery (?spell check…pfft!), that is unique to regular climbers (much similar to that which is amongst runners).

So I took my very big dose of concrete last weekend and started my “peak a week” again with Mt Coolum despite my fear that I was going to fall or slip and snap the rest of my spine in half. This week being Easter I have decided to do a much smaller one that will give us the benefit of watching the sunset. If you are on Australia’s Sunshine Coast and want to come check out Mt Tinbeerwah with a group of lovely others head over to my facebook page and check out the event for Peak a Week #2.

What mountains bring your soul peace or a sense of accomplishment?

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!

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Hey there everyone!!!

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Hey everyone,

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Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




Wow…chocolate made from coconut oil, agave nectar and cocoa powder….love love love



Why sit inside depleting your energy and memories when you can be out be outside buiding memories they will think of fondly and recount to their children…honestly – do you have fond memories sitting on the couch at home as a child or of outdoor adventures. A life of awesome comes from a series of choices. For instance I can blog for two minutes whilst still enjoying time with my family…see balance…its infinite.



What a crowd and what an atmosphere as the Mooloolaba Triathlon kicked off last night with the Asics 5km Twilight Run and fireworks. The elite runners were spectacular and the amatuers…including my husband, my 12yo and my bestie (running her first race) doing awesomely. Although I was banned from entering with the back issues…I loved cheering all on. Now to head to the beach with perfect conditions and sunshine to build sandcastles and soak up some rays. What’s your next big event and how are you preparing? Or who are you planning to cheer on?


Wow!!! I am really busting with excitement. If it werent for the two fractures in my spine I can tell you that I would be “woo hoo” ing and bouncing all over the couch like an overactive 3yo at Christmas!!! But for now I will have to settle for a bit of sedate whispering of “yeeehaaaa” because of it…and well it is 1am where I am and I am sure my young children are not going to like being woken up.



Now you all know what a terrible start to the year has been rough with two injuries and well…life. Today the tables have turned. I got to go back to work…yay! And then I got a timely call regarding some health and fitness courses that sounds like will be cheaper (due to a degree already) and highly beneficial. I also managed to sign up to a web hoster for my new website!!! Yay me!!! It isnt live yet because there is a weeks worth of developing and implementing to be done and I kinda want to do a “thing” to go live – including a give away so share, like, follow etc to get more people in our little cluster of stars! Especially on the Sunshine Coast as I am organising some “happy happy joy joy” events in the next few months.

So I have come to the conclusion that what is meant to be is meant to be as without this injury I would never have gotten this far this soon.

Thankyou all for being on this awesome journey with me and I hope to continue with you all by my side. Oh and if you would like to guest blog on here this year please email me something that you think is uniquely you but will speak to my followers – because its all about sharing! (


Everybody Be AWESOME!!!


Wow…how true…and the reason why sometimes you need to assess and reassess your friendships. Not all friendships workout…not because of an argument or a terrible thing happening…but because you are headed in a different direction and you don’t compliment each other. I have a few of those at this moment so this is very timely.

Bright, shiny objects!

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