Unbalanced Awesomeness



We went to the beach with the intention of a relaxed afternoon with the kids. That would be balance. However whilst walking on the rocks I slip, land on my backside and struggle to move. That would be unbalanced. What was worse was that through the haze of pain and feeling like I was either going to throw up or pass out, I realise that emergency services won’t be here in time to get me before the waves come closer to crashing on me with the incoming tide. So I pull the concrete pill out of my pocket, harden the “f” up, and drag myself with the help of Mr Omni-Awesome off the rocks, across the beach and up the stairs. Needless to say I am sporting some decent damage to my lower spine and wrist. I am struggling to walk let alone sit or lie down, but my pity party didn’t last long. I ended the party when the very young and inexperienced emergency Dr said to this well seasoned nurse that any physical activity or training.g is totally out of the question. Needless to say I laughed and said yeah ok we will see. Hahaha. Today I am up walking, ever so tentatively, in pain of course, but the determination of a freight train with no brakes. Let’s just see about no training!!! Coz I am AWESOME!!! TAM 😉


I already know that anything is possible! (credit: googlepics)

          I already know that anything is possible! (credit: googlepics)

Time is short, and we don’t ever know how short it is until we have to face it head on. We try try try to do our best but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to achieve all that we wish for. Either that or we just don’t realise how precious time is and how quickly it can be gone – leaving you wishing that you had learned to deal, come to terms, made amends, bit the bullet, overcome your fears, walked your talk and generally just lived your life authentically. This is totally real at the moment because it is already February and 2013 has not gotten off on a great foot! Why? Well lets see…

Injured shoulder, thus cancelled triathlon.  Tick tock.

Scary results on Mr O.A.’s blood results. Tick tock.

Awaiting more urgent tests for him. Tick, tock.

Mr O-A get sicker (not normal for him). Tick tock.

Sick and/or dying relatives. Tick tock.

Family issues & relationship breakdowns. Tick tock.

Almost half our state floods. Tick tock.

I do realise that things could always be worse though, and realise that I have much to be grateful for…

I have an amazing husband whom I adore and cherish forever. Tick tock.

I have two beautiful children that enlighten all my days. Tick tock.

I have an amazing job that gives me great satisfaction. Tick tock.

I am the healthiest and fittest I have ever been. Tick tock.

I live in the most amazing place in the world. Tick tock.


White rabbit trumpet

White rabbit trumpet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. How on earth do we manage each day to fit everything in a short 24 hours? How do we try to balance and nurture all of these aspects of our life?

We plan. Tick tock.

We set goals. Tick tock.

We prioritise. Tick tock.

We map out where we want to go, what we want to achieve, and how the hell we are going to get there…..and we pray really hard that God will be there to guide each of our steps so we don’t fall over a cliff or something in the process!





Regain basic running ability Run twice a week – sprints/long. Twilight 5km run at M.ba Tri 3/13
Regain endurance fitness Hill work/mountains once a week.

Do Ngungun, Wildhorse, Coolum, Pomona Mountains

Run half marathon Work towards individual training program, join gym to increase run   opportunities, run 3 times a week 7/13
Tough Mudder Work on my ability to suck it up.

Strength work, upper body work twice a week with running also.

Run full marathon Put in more distance work, and mind fitness to cope with the   endurance ?/13
Write and publish Schedule my writing time into my week Continuous
Study something new Decide whether it will be physiology or nutrition Continuous
Build awesome relationships Schedule special time in for the special people in my life and build   great connections. Continuous
Work towards Infinite Balance Network, skill share, untangle own issues, attend another Emazon   workshop, define and refine my own authenticity. Continuous

So what goals do you have for this year, and how do you intend on going about them? How are you going to stay motivated to achieve them? I will not allow my own or other peoples lame excuses infiltrate my bubble this year – that is my aim…Because excuses don’t give great results, hard work and determination do.

May 2013 Be Your Year of AWESOME!!!