Both intriging and deep thoughts. I believe that all of us are at some level conditioned by “stuff”. Shared with my readers to check out…about time we start questioning what we “know” and how we “respond” in these instances because certainly something isn’t working.


We each have our own ‘language of life’ that we struggle to have others understand. We are all so different, not only in physical appearance but what lies beneath our skin. And yet in many other ways we are alike and through these similarities we are connected. But it is the differences between us that I find most intriguing. Not the small stuff like why I love books and you love, well whatever it is you love. I mean the odd, sometimes quirky and maybe sometimes the disgusting or even evil and criminal things that humans do.

We all start off our lives as innocents, then depending on many different circumstances we are shaped by events and the people in our lives. The whole nature versus nurture debate springs to mind, are we essentially the product of our environment or can we blame the way we are on our upbringing?…

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