I know I know I know…bad blogger award. I know there is probably one out there and I will probably get the gold! Long time no type eh? Well there has been floods, flying debris, friends, family, well all sorts really. So I have been a little busy with A LOT! But I promise I will refocus and replan. What “balance” topics do you want to see this year? I plan on planning my plans for blog planning……and I have some exciting stuff coming up too. Triathlon, marathon and mudder plans and training schedule (got tips? Share here please. I have guest bloggers. I have infinite giveaways and competitions. I have plans to expand. I have plans to start some exciting projects. Now all I need is someone to loan me an extra 10hrs in each day to acheive them. Rachael Birmingham has some tips in her Savvy book (I will post a review soon) and I plan on urilisi.g her savvyness tips in planning this all and pulling it all together…coz I WILL pull it all together even if I have to use duct tape and zip ties! You are all AWESOME!!! TAM 🙂


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