Right! So I promised that I would write a post on our Christmas and how we “do” this season, so I will do that now but I will also catch up on all this seasons happenings too…RAW & REAL – think bunions, corns and ingrown toenails (ok maybe not thats gross). Now just a forewarning – THIS IS NOT A POST FOR BELIEVERS IN THE BIG MR S! IF YOU BELIEVE – LEAVE NOW I SAY LEAVE NOW! BE WARNED THAT IF YOU READ FURTHER YOU MAY READ SOME DISTURBING TRUTHS ABOUT SANTA, TOOTHFAIRY, EASTER BUNNY ETC ETC. LAST TIME – STOP READING! Ok for the rest of you remember you have been warned so dont blame me – oh and please remember that DIFFERENT ISNT WRONG ITS JUST DIFFERENT.


The way we celebrate Christmas has been a source of dispute amongst some of our family and friends because we dont celebrate it in the way many would call “conventional” in todays society. Many who know us know that we have a belief in God, but by no means to we push it onto others and we really do believe that our true beliefs and understanding of God and all that He encompasses is greatly hindered by our human minds – which simply put just means that we are constantly learning and growing spiritually. So yes we celebrate Christmas but we focus on the Christ birth and quality time with family – but no we dont “do” the whole santa thing. And by that I mean that we have never, and will never support the belief of santa by our children. (insert gasps of societys horror of such atrocious things here!!!)

From before I had ever decided to have children I gave alot of thought to what I wanted to instil and pass on to my children, and that included what I wanted to teach them about the world around them. This included my decision to practise what I believed in as many areas as possible (no I dont proclaim to be a perfect parent – I know it —NOT lol).

My two beautiful girls at Christmas.

My two beautiful girls at Christmas.

The first thing I wanted to instil in my children is TRUTH.  TRUTH according to the Urban Dictionary ( is said to be “facts that p*ss people off” “What the world is afraid of. The things we hide from ourselves because it changes us, makes us uncomfortable, and awakens us that there are absolutes” and well if you want to read the others then you will have to click the link because they are a tad rude with a touch of potty humor – and I am more into sarcasm and irony. Whereas the Oxford Dictionary when talking about truth and its meaning (, refers to it as “being in accordance with fact or reality”.So in everything we aim to be truthful, honest and transparent with our children in all things. Of course we deliver information in an age appropriate way, but we decided to teach our girls by example the meaning of truth, not lying, and transparency. So to put it into action we decided against introducing santa, easter bunny, tooth fairy etc etc.

Now I know that this is an extremely controversial approach to parenting out their in the big wide world…but lets just think about this for a moment. We try to teach our children to tell the truth and never to lie, dont we? So I teach that by example. We also try to teach our children stranger danger, dont we? So I teach that also – yet many parents (not all) – push their kids into sitting on some strange mans lap that we really know nothing of. Not to mention that the famous songs tell the to “better watch out” (miss 12 reckons that sounds like a threat lol), and that “he knows when you are sleeping” (miss 12 also thinks that is creepy and used to freak her out if someone said it to her – even though we never made it scary for her we just never had santa in our home). This decision was made even easier and gave a much stronger reasoning power lately as a young child was indecently assaulted by a shopping centre santa ( Now for those reading this who say “oh but your child can be a target in many areas” I say this to you – our children do not do sleepovers just anywhere (the process of us trusting others with our kids takes years) and we do the stranger danger teaching regarding any person in their lives – family members, church, police etc etc. And they are more savvy, confident and switched on for it too.

So why do I expect I will get some very rough responses to this post? Well because when we talk about tolerance and understanding we sometimes forget that the whole santa thing is a belief of sorts too. Just like any culture or religion. And like I said before DIFFERENT ISNT WRONG ITS JUST DIFFERENTand I think it unfair that my children are force fed the whole santa biz with not a blink of an eye by others yet if someone force fed a religous belief on your children it would be an outrage. But as a family we take it in our stride and my children are taught to be quietly confident in their own beliefs whilst respecting that DIFFERENT ISNT WRONG ITS JUST DIFFERENT. So in the new year as their friends tell them what santa bought them, my children will smile, listen and respond with what their mamma and daddy bought them.

So for us this year Christmas day was a quiet event (really a story for another post, but next year we have decided that instead of material gifts we are giving ourselves all the gift of a Christmas cruise – something the children and terribly excited about as are mamma and daddy!!! I also know that I was meant to update alot in this post too but I really feel that this post is long enough for the holiday season!

Now I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas/Hunnukah surrounded by your loved ones and that you are already starting to think of how wonderful your 2013 will be. At some point I will address the goal setting for our next year, but in the meantime how did you spend your special days, what special moments did you have (santa or no santa welcomed), and what do you think you may look at acheiving for next year.

Get set to Be AWESOME!!!



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