I know there is a bit of an echo out there on my page because my posts appear to be dwindling in numbers…I know I used to post quite a bit but of late my life is like travelling on the M1 in peak hour! Yes life in the fast lane just isnt fun all of the time…you get in the fast lane expecting so much – only to be disappointed by traffic, road ragers, and screaming kids in the backseat…not to mention the million missed calls.

No I am not talking about an actual fast lane – just that fast lane that is my life at the moment. I sit here at 4am on Christmas morning knowing my kids will be up soon because hubby is pumping up a kayak…oh what we do!!!

But I do promise that somewhere amongst my shoulder injury, christmas, fulltime work, limited training and study…I will catch you all up on everything. And yes I will write that elusive – santa – post. But for now just a Merry Christmas to all my followers and thankyou for your loyalty and interaction. Next year I hope to make it bigger and better with maybe even a few prizes…so share share share – and dont forget to go to my facebook page and follow there if that is easier too. Be safe and well!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!

….and sparkly with tinsel!



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