Good evening fellow AWESOMERS!!!

We are nearing the end of 2012 and I am concerned that I have not paid enough attention to the state of my balls! I mean no one wants tired, old, shriveled up balls. Yes these things are confronting to face but truthfully if we dont pay attention to the state of our balls we could end up being less than what we could be and further from scoring the home run!

Grab Life By The Balls!

Nobody wants haggard old balls (Credit: Humor Blog)


If you remember when I first started blogging earlier this year I talked alot about my “balls” and how important it was to the art of achieving an infinite balance in life. and so now that we are nearing the end of an extraordinary year I thought it best to guage how my balls are hanging and how I am handling them in order to plan how they will hang, juggle and fly into 2013!

So it really has been a bit of an epic year for The Pluck Family…and I think mostly it has been guided with AWESOMENESS in mind, even if there has been some less that awesome stuff too…but I guess it is the less than awesome stuff that grows you up big and strong!!! I am feeling a little drained and tired tonight after a spectacular spill at work tonight leaving me with a possible torn shoulder/arm muscle, neck/back pain and a friction mark on my knee – serious YOU TUBE material let me say! – so I think I will look at each of my balls seperately to save what little “awake” cells I have in my brain at such an unheavenly hour.


At the beginning of this year I was still horribly unfit, unhealthy, and sick. Not to mention emotionally drained to the point of feeling like my life just was not worth continuing. I had cervical cancer, thyroid issues and was tired beyond belief. And this is after I had some improvement! Yeah crazy I know!

So now I look at how I have juggled this ball and I think I havent done too badly. As a nurse I work some horrid hours and sometimes they are long and just a tad arduous. When a nurse says I dont have time to stop and eat – she really means it! Next time you are needing someone to care for you imagine them saying “oh I am just having a break so I will be back in half an hour – your pain/pouring blood wound/uncontrollable vomiting, can wait til then” yeah that just isnt right and hence the reason why nurses dont have the best eating pattern. But in spite of all this I have managed to get my nutrition mostly sorted. I have managed to become fitter than I have been probably in my whole life thanks to some amazing people –

Marcus at Live it up Fitness

Alena and Jen at Goal Power Training in preparation for my first mini triathlon

and especially the beautiful Lisa Curry and her KISS program

…not forgetting of course my training buddies (especially the ones that understand that my training schedule doesnt always fit the norm due to shift work, study and kids) especially Melissa, Jimina, Christine and Ange…oh and Miss 12 who trains on Saturday mornings at a cruel hour!!!

This has meant that I am now doing up to 10km runs, Mini Triathlons, climbing mountains, learning how to swim effectively, longer distance bike rides etc etc. It also means that I have now gone from a size 24/26 to a healthier size 14! The kgs dont matter so much anymore because I realise that they are just a number and not conducive to trusting my body.


Well this ball is looking fabulous. At end of last year and the beginning of this year I thought about leaving nursing and all its dramas and insufficiencies for anything else! Now I work for an amazing company with phenomenal values, morals and dedication to superior service and that fits well with me. Despite a few hiccups I feel that I have been blessed with this job and I am now permanent and loving this journey and all I am learning as a nurse. I am having some wonderful educational opportunities and my next year is looking phenominal but that is subjects for another post (this one will be long enough). There are some interesting things unfolding for the future professionally and I am looking forward to that. But for now – my job fulfills me…as it should do for a job like this.


Well these balls have been the hardest to juggle but that is expected in any family. We have had heartache, tears, and stuff that just shouldnt happen in a family but does due to selfish attitudes or lack of insight. But we are dealing with those things as best we know how and as long as we stand by our values and stand strong as a family unit then that is all we can do. We cannot think about ourselves so much but our two young children and what they are being exposed to. It is a sad thing for us also not to see our grandchild…in fact I have only ever seen her and never been introduced but we hold her dear to our hearts and in our prayers daily anyways. I know she will grow up to be a remarkable young lady that will make her mark on the world.

It has been a stressful year for us with redundancy, family issues etc and I think in some ways it has taken its toll on us all. But mostly my husband because he hasnt got as strong a stand as I do and sometimes allows others to railroad him via emotional manipulation and I feel that has taken a toll on his health of late. I pray he is well and that we are just over reacting but his phenominal weight loss and other symptoms lead me to be concerned that it is something more sinister. So until we know more I hold him dear and try as much as possible to create exceptional moments of bliss for us as a family and try to drown out the blue noise that people try to infect our bubble with. I love him and cannot imagine my life without him. So any of my followers that have a faith please intercept on his behalf that he be well for a long time yet.

My kids however are doing well and I am especially proud of my miss 12 and the stand that she makes in her life. She no longer takes disrespect or any other toxic thing lying down…she will fight you and knock you down if you so much as think about infecting her own personal bubble with anything but good stuff! And that makes me proud. My little miss 5 is also doing very well and is on hardly any strong painkillers anymore…such an improvement from early in the year. Both have done very well on their end of year report cards so mamma and daddy are both proud as punch! And we have realised more this year who are the important people in our lives and the ones that actually want to be there – not ones that feel it is their right. We welcome positive and loving people in our lives and family should be no different. But again that is another post. As for where we will go from here that remains to be revealed to us and we are patient.

So the whole balancing act is going ok and really is a continuous cycle of trial and error. I do plan next year on focussing on specific areas in my blog posts to see if I can better articulate and reflect on the processes involved and how it is implemented but for now this is the wrap up. Soon I will post a goal wrap up and goal list for 2013!

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




  1. Awesome! Awesome, wow what a super busy year you have had, can’t wait to read you goal list for 2013 Tam. I love your beautiful family and will send a special request through for continued health. 🙂

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