Total RANT & RAVE ahead so hold on tight…I read a blogger challenge maybe say a week or so ago about a letter you would like to write to someone. Well I have one – and I have finally worked up the courage to share it here. So if you cringe at rants, and rave about raves – then this particular post is most definitely not for you. Because truly I started this blog to work through my journey to INFINITE BALANCE and this person has been a key contributor to our imbalances (ok not a contributor – maybe the REASON I decided to say screw this I am going to live my life instead of trying to tame the drama queens in my life). So stay tuned (I need to open an email that I drafted some 2 years ago so I can use some of that material – but don’t worry I have a host of new material I will be including in this post). No holds barred on this post so to my readers who are positive and light bearing souls – look away now! This is my 2 cents and I am finally going to share them around…

Dear YOU!

I am saddened to say that I have come to the corner of “I-DONT-GIVE-A-SHIT” Boulevard and “DONT-MESS-WITH-THIS-BITCH” Parade, which is around the corner from “DONT-F*!K-WITH-MY-CUBS” and next door to “GROW-THE-F%#K-UP”. Its ok though, because I am headed for “THIS-SHIT-JUST-GOT-REAL” which has a lovely view of “KARMAS-GONNA-COME-AFTER-YOU”. I have heard though that if you have some AHA moments you can eventually get to a place called “YOU-HAVE-1-CHANCE-TO-FIX-YOUR-SHIT” for those who are lost and unsure how to get out of “YOURE-SCREWED” Street.

I am pissed. Can you tell? Yeah thought I should clarify this just in case you were uncertain. It is very sad if you dont know why I am so angry but just in case your vision or memory fails you in reading this let me spell it out for you – you. dont. care. Simple isnt it? No? Ok I will elaborate…..

I care. I know you find this terribly hard to believe, but if you had given me more than 5 seconds when you first met me (or when you first heard about me for that matter), then you would know that I am essentially a very loving, caring woman who has lived some very hard years and has actually lived life quite a bit when you met me. You would know that I know stuff, and understand more stuff for that matter too. You would know that I embrace everyone who enters my life and I endeavour to allow a clean slate for all despite what I hear and despite what my ego wants to dictate.You would know that I have raised a beautiful and spirited daughter who is so worthy of love and affection, especially because she is a child and is vulnerable to adults.

Now I am a big girl and am quite used to wearing my big girl panties to get on with life. And I did that – for 6 years with many occasions of extreme self control. And still I can deal with you hating me…yep – I realise that not everyone in life is going to love me and you know what…I am totally ok with that because I know who I am and what I STAND for above all else. I can even deal with my friends and family being treated less that fairly – they are all adults and can fight their own battles – although when necessary you wouldnt want to open that can of whoop-ass because it wont be pretty either. But dear-o-freakin-dear…DONT.MESS.WITH.MY.KIDS.!!! When you mess with my kids you are really messing with some fierce mamma force. ESPECIALLY when they are not adults, but helpless and vulnerable children.

My beautiful lass had been through some tough stuff and at 5 years old you would think that no adult in their right mind would feel so threatened that they would rip her heart out in one glance. But then some adults dont think the same way. So whilst my beautiful girl had thought that she had found this amazing role model – I had to answer her questions as to why this person was so mean and flippant to her. So as a loving mother I offered strategies to help improve the situation but alas you did nothing but call her annoying and fob her off. Look I can go on for ever with ocassions where you have ripped out the hearts of those you have come in contact with and whilst that would be a bit of relief the point of the matter is that you emotionally hurt a child – my child – and made her feel like the dirt on your feet had more importance than her…and to this day have shown no real remorse for that. And dont get me started on the disrespect of my husband and myself.

When we tried we tried to hard, when we backed off we werent trying hard enough.

You said you had nothing to say to us after we stood our ground as a family unit, then when we respect that choice we are being rude.

Seriously, ever heard of emotional whiplash?

Family values – this requires working at relationships, recognising when you are wrong and furthermore trying to change to make it better, and sometimes even thinking more about the other person that yourself. I would walk over hot coals, or drop everything to this day to be there if required to – despite anything that has happened. What family values isnt is not visiting a parent, denouncing a sibling, disrespecting what makes another happy, and above all else – pretending that you are the most perfect human being in the world and that you are the victim. True reconcilliation cannot occur without recognition and reform. Otherwise it would be like stubbing your foot on a chair and not dealing with why the chair was there in the first place.

From ME!

On a side not – or a ps for others – if you stand around and watch an injustice saying nothing – you are just as bad as those commiting the injustice. Unless of course you too believe in sacrificing the wellbeing of two children for the fulfillment of an adults “wants”.






6 thoughts on “MY 2 CENTS!

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  2. well said.. pity she cant read that……. she clearly never grew up Tams and was used to the whole world revolving around her and when others were in the picture to get some attention her world ended….

    • I would say she probably already has read it or will…and that’s ok though because its probably a lot nicer than what I would say in person which is why I have refrained from a face to face chat…it would get took ugleeee.

  3. so well written Tam there is a book or three inside you that is busting to be published 🙂 I think though that if it was read by the person it is intended for, she would probably wonder who you were talking about, she clearly believes she is close to perfect.

    • Oh I loooove your comment 😉 and completely agree…she wouldn’t know who I was talking about and even if she did I imagine her only reaction would be an aggressive, confrontational knee jerk reaction with no thought as to the truths in this post.
      What books could I write? I can’t seem to pinpoint a particular theme.. any insights you awesome chick?

  4. I really didnt think I would get such a response on this post (not that it is huge), but it has been shared on facebook more than a few times so thankyou because I write for me but love that it may spark something in someone else. So if you are comfortable – what made you want to share this particular post?

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