WTF? Did I just say I’M SORRY!?! Yes, I did. But its not what you think, or what you think, or what you think, or what you think – so there might be a few souls out there that believe they are entitled to an apology for goodness knows what, but go back to sleep you dream awaits you…

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I am saying sorry to the rest of you – my blogging community. Why? Because this is going to be by far the most out-of-sorts entry EVA! Because there is just too much going on under my freshly-washed, unbrushed, tinsel-laden hair. And I’m ok with that because (shhhh….dont tell my husband) Im not perfect and I am allowed a crappy post with no direction from time to time. In fact when I was thinking about it I thought – hey…what a great idea for a post – a post about nothing in particular, just vomit all your thoughts onto the keyboard (in a purely symbolic way of course). So here goes.Ok so a little bit of structure is ok right? Dot point maybe?

  • Ever thought about what skills our kids are losing due to technology? I have. I just thought today about the fact that my miss 12 has no real idea on the best way to wash dishes – glass or cutlery first. Hmmm must rememdy this, maybe I can use it as a discipline tool lol mwahahaha!
  • I hate responsibility! Dont you just wish somedays that you could just crawl up under your bed and pretend you havent got any! I mean why not just pretend your taking care of your S*^T and say you did? Being a kids was sooo much easier – eat, play, sleep – got it!
  • I wish I could write someone a letter – and really just tell it like it is without caring what bridges I burned (like someone once said – sometimes you gotta burn bridges so you dont go back there again). In fact isnt there some kind of murphy-style law that says if you come across an idiot that you must slap them to save their lives? Yeah I didnt think so either but I had to try lol.
  • People comment on the fact that my kids are really well behaved (especially lately) which I am chuffed about, but most think they were born like that when really I had to work my butt off and make the hard, tear-raising decisions and be the bad guy to get them to where they are.
  • Consistency – ever heard of it? Yep, it really just means you keep doing stuff til it sticks. Whether it be a day or a year, do the same thing over and over again and it will stick eventually…whether it be exercise or kids…consistency is the key. But dont expect no consistency to yield the same results because that would just be laughable.
  • Summer – it actually has a real smell. A good one too. Or is it just us blessed people that get that? The smells and experience of summer here is sunscreen lotion, salt air, mowed lawns, soft sand, cool breezes….ok I will leave it there…but oh what bliss.
  • Personal and professional boundaries – in this digital age how do you keep it seperate in a healthy way? What are the boundaries, and why do people insist on pushing their way from one to another with no thought to the consequences? Yes this has given me many hours of thought but I think I may almost have a handle on it – following it through and standing may prove to be much harder though.
  • Christmas – oh how I love anything sparkly any time of year and teaching my children the “historical” reason for christmas. But why is it ok for people to knowingly share their belief in the big “S” and expect everyone to carry it on, but in the next breath judge our decision not to. I mean seriously – just because something is socially accepted and carried on, does not mean that everyone should have to (insert angry mob here)  – for us its kind of like expecting an atheist to carry on a conversation about God. (My daughter has always been a little – ok alot – creeped out by the thought of some strange guys seeing her sleeping and coming into her house in the middle of the night lol). We all have our own beliefs and like I have taught my kids – different isnt wrong, its just different…lets share the tolerance.
  • Uuuughhhhh….I am done with my week off and now have to spark my motivation to schedule in my Lisa Curry program again. I am aiming to really enjoy it this time again…and to build up some more muscle before training for the next tri and half marathon…yay!!!

Ok so that is it for now – again sorry for the ramble and rave – feel free to leave thoughts, and if there is any one of the points you think I should do a specific post on let me know – I dare ya! LOL

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!




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