Well tomorrow is my first triathlon as mini as it may be…tonight I will reflect on my preparation and how I am feeling on the eve of such an auspicious event lol

Well, it is later than my proposed bedtime of 830 pm, I havent packed my bag for the morning, and my hair colour decided to spring a leak over my nice white lorna jane crop…oh and did I mention my brilliant genius in going for a walk on the rocks with the fam today that left me with pretty bad burns? Yep – genius!!!  I have however done a few things this evening. I managed to decorate my helmet (attractive stickers of fish…check out my fish post and that will explain why) – so you could say my helmet has been “FISH’D” hahaha super corny right lol. I also managed to make some signage to spur us on tomorrow with personalised ones too –  THERES A SUPER-CELeste COMING, LENAwesome EFFORT, FASTA than BELLA’S PASTA, A fanTASHtic EFFORT, AWESOMENESS…that is all!!!, Your kicking ASSphalt, Let your AWESOME off the chain, SMILE – if you just PEED!, GO MUMMY GO, Run like a MOTHER of a 2yo, FORWARD is the only way, Your corona is missing you, Awesome = u + u + u…ok everybody, Toenails are overrated,  and of course Keep calm and just keep swimming.  And I have my supplies. I have my tri suit (dont get me started on the crap sewing in that one), I have my joggers (darn it…better get the sand out of them from today – sandpaper is not nice lol), my stretchy shoe laces, my kermit green goggles, my pink towel and swim cap (my lj towel will stay at home this time), my pimp’d out helmet, my prep kit from a friend (antioxidants, cadbury choc and muscle soothe bath wash for after lol), my spiebelt, and HOLY CRAP I DIDNT REGISTER!!! Oh dear!!! Its ok, panic overted – I will register at the rediculous hour of 530am tomorrow.  So how am I feeling? Terrified out of my arch support socks! Yep…doesnt matter how much prep there is I still feel like I cant do this “stuff”. I know I can of course, I have done it more than once to practice – its just that I suck big time at swimming, and I am ultra slow. You know the story about the tortoise and the hare – well I am the tortoise. But in this story the hare is done before the tortoise gets outta the water. For goodness sake…300 m is not that far right? Hey you go swim it in a deep pool not touching the bottom. I might just have to signal for help from the lifegueards if they are hot enough lol hahaha.  I know that after tomorrow I will look back and tell myself what a tool I was to think I couldnt do it – but for now I have my freak out and phenerganed myself into an ultra abnormally early sleep in preparation for tomorrow – only one thing now to think of…who is gonna untangle me from my tri suit if I need to pee prior to the race? (insert nervous laugh here) lol.  Everybody send me AWESOME tomorrow!!!  TAM 🙂



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  2. Hope you had fun! Was thinking of you as I did my tri at Penrith today. 35 degrees at 12.15pm as I was running. Ok – a lot of us chose not to run given the high temperature. No beautiful sea breeze at Penrith.

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