This is the poem I wrote in remembrance of the brave men in history. This is the first time I have shared this publicly so if you wish to share it please identify the source. To poppy and his forefathers…


Written by Tammy Pilton 25/04/05

The news spread like fire to every city and town,

That a battle was coming, so all gather round.

Come join the forces, as Australians you must,

Even those who have fear in God you must trust.

Mothers don’t fear and fathers have pride,

For these Soldiers Of Gold bravely march side by side.


For those who came willing excitement was strong,

For those who were scared, the journey too long.

As the shoreline drew close, their fate was sealed,

They had come the wrong way! Was the horror revealed.

As they row in closer, what is it they see?

But the unforgiving shores of GALLIPOLI.


The Turks were prepared, troops and guns like a wall,

Our Soldiers Of Gold disembarked and right there they did fall.

The assault on our boys was thick and fast,

As the bullets came strong their front didn’t last.

Those brave men pushed forward filled with dread and fear,

Knowing deep down that their death may be near.


As they dug in their trenches, for the long mighty haul,

Many Soldiers Of Gold chose to pray for the soul.

Days turned to weeks, months turned to seasons,

Filling time writing home not searching for reasons.

Words full of faith and hope, mixed with desperation,

Recording for history, their duties for our nation.


Both sides called cease fire to bury their dead,

These images of horror are now etched in their head.

The bravery they showed, the courage they had,

Built the foundations of mateship with their fellow lad.

This mateship meant not leaving one man behind,

This Aussie kind of mateship  is hard to find.


Coming home was harder than going off to war,

They could not begin to describe the horrors they saw.

But home they did come, yet much smaller in size.

Welcomed with love, but with tears in their eyes.

Finally their battle is fought and finished at last,

Our Soldiers Of Gold are home, raise the flag at the mast.


Now many years on we still remember them,

Those Soldiers Of Gold the bravest of men.

Their sacrifice will be remembered throughout history,

As their families keep alight their flame of glory.

Their souls never lost, their spirits are found,

Wherever we walk on Australia’s free ground.


And though sometimes we’re sad,

Through our bittersweet tears we still see.

All our Soldiers Of Gold,

The heroes of GALLIPOLI.



To all who fight for what they think is right we will never forget. To all the families who are without a loved one for any length of time because they protect our country, we will never forget.



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