My Two Miss’s

Later today I will complete this post about my amazing daughter and first-born Lauren and where we are at in this journey called life.

So its been a while since I have been able to post because my horribly cracked phone wouldn’t let me do anything with it…arrgghhhh…but first world problem so lets move on shall we! So here it is as promised and thank you for being patient…

So I am a mother. But not just any mother. I am a mother of a Miss. But not just one Miss. I am a mother of two Miss’s.  And totally chuffed at that! But this time I will be focussing on one Miss in particular…Miss Lolly.


Well, Lolly was a special girl right from the beginning. She was a blessing right from the beginning. Even though not everyone agreed – in fact many said that 20 was far too young to welcome her into the world, and forcefully insisted that I send her back to God or give her to someone else. Now I am totally against terminations (for me that is), and whilst I know there are many deserving couples that are waiting for adoption of a baby that was never going to be an option either – because like I said, Lolly is special.

Oh yeah baby…its all inherited from me!!! LOL (thanks google images)

Right from the start she set herself apart – instead of gaining weight whilst carrying her I actually lost it. I weighed less at 9 months than I did prior to falling pregnant, and she was a healthy  seven + pounder too. In fact most of my pregnancy as such was a bit of a breeze. No morning sickness, no weight gain, no complications, and even days before I popped I was not noticeably pregnant when out clubbing (alcohol free I promise) and nor did I look like I had been pregnant days following her birth (insert biatch comments here). And whilst I had a lot of damage from the birth – it was a fast one…1hr 15mins to be exact (she was certainly in a rush).

I know that her first few years was her way of preparing me to become a nurse. No sleep, hospital visits +++, eating on the run, did I say no sleep?, well you get the gist. But boy was she the light of my life! I was so smitten and looking back I think I did pretty well as a single mother…anyway back to Lolly. I am certain my girl came out super smart because the signs of her intelligence and “smarts of the family” (will share the video linked to that statement another time lol), was set in early. But really I just thought it was normal – after all this was my first child. So when my Lolly was speaking quite well at around the 12 month mark I just assumed it was normal – so I did what no parent should ever do – I suggested that my friends should get their children checked by the health nurse because they clearly weren’t developing normally lol hahaha (I know bad fellow mamma award).

When she began primary school (prep) I just knew that it was going to be a struggle for her because she was already far ahead her peers. Well my fears were realised when her teacher pulled me aside to tell me Lolly was reprimanded for not paying attention and leaving mid lesson to go look at the flowers outside with her classmate. Lolly tells me this is because she is bored and already knows that baby stuff!!! Then award after award in school despite struggling through some intense bullying. Most recently she won a distinction in a national English exam.

Then of course she had to inherit her mothers OCD and well that has been a trial and a half – but kind of gives us a bond that is unlike any others…and also gives us hours of amusement at each others hang ups lol.

LOL…yep – share the insanity with your kids! (thanks google images)







Come to present day and I am as proud as punch at my Lolly. Through many difficult life experiences she has grown into the most amazing young woman and I have a gut feeling that she is destined for something great. She has used every difficult experience and every difficult person as stepping-stones to being the phenomenal girl she is today. Nothing has knocked her down and kept her there – no she is far too determined than that. She is such a support to me and has been when I have been very well. She is an amazing sister to Macca Moo, even though she gets annoyed at times she has such a love for her.

She has the heart of a lion, the spirit of a warrior, and a beautiful presence.

She has already decided what she wants to do in her future – she as wanted since she was 3yo to be a doctor…whether it be in research for disease cures or whether it be as a volunteer doctor in some of the worlds worst 3rd world countries. Wow…what a plan and she is only 12!!! She has donated her time and her savings from a very young age with no prompting from us to worthy causes which also makes us as her parents proud as punch.

So in summing up, I love my Lolly and I look at yesterday with joy, today with pride, and tomorrow with hope…in the knowledge that I have one of the worlds best daughters in my heart all the day…in fact I truly believe that she has been blessed to me by God – to guide, love and embrace whilst she and I are here.

Everybody Be AWESOME!!!



2 thoughts on “MOTHER OF A MISS (PT 1)

  1. Kids teach us so much about them, ourselves, and just life in general. Where would we be without them. Great story and I actually got to learn a few things I didn’t know about Lolly.

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