I have a great big secret.

Want to know what it is???

I bet you do!!!

Got your attention?

Its a HUGE secret!

Lol….ok its not that huge. No I am not having a baby…that horse is long bolted and I will await grandchildren to get my baby fix – a long time away since mg eldest is only 12 lol. No I am not moving back to Brisbane…because Mr O-A got a job…yay!!! No I did not win the lottery…who would know what to do with all that $$$ anyways…Hmmm meeeeee lol.

No…my great big secret???


Ahhhhh…its out there!!! I feel so much better now I have fessed up. You see I think there are a lot of people out there that think that because I am happy with dropping a size, training for and entering athletic events, climbing mountains, and transforming our home into a mostly clean eating zone…that I have this huge value in being thin…not the case folks soooo sorry to disappoint.

Instead I value being fit, strong, and determined…and it just so happens that my schedule and choices are leading me that way. Am I happy to drop a few sizes in the process….hell yeah…as long as it is from fat loss not muscle loss.

And that is what I am trying to instill in my girls too…strong and fit and balanced…so I have to live it!!!

Every-strong-body Be AWESOME!!!

Tam 🙂


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